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'''The IVSA Philippines''' IVSA Philippines -Echague,Isabela Chapter The IVSA Philippines -Echague, Isabela Chapter was officially accepted as member organization by the General Assembly of Delegates last August 2015. The chapter is located at Isabela State University, Brgy. San Fabian, Echague, Isabela. There was three (3) members found at the beginning of the chapter namely; Merry Joy Cayatoc, Herold Bal Hernando, and Cherrica Eliang. IVSA Philippines -Echague,Isabela Chapter 2015 Officers President: Merry Joy S. Cayatoc Exchange Officer: Herold Bal G. Hernando Member: Cherrica Eliang The Chapter is actively participating International Special Day like World Rabies Day, with this they do mass vaccination (Anti-rabies) within the area. Recently, they are working in the recognition of the organization in the university, in connection, they open limited application to other veterinary students in order to qualify as a legal and recognize university organization. Also, advisers are then picked namely; Dr. Jan Kenneth Castro, Dr. Leah Guzman and Dr. Julpha Agustin. IVSA Philippines -Echague,Isabela Chapter 2016 Officers President: Cherrica Eliang Senior EO: Herold Bal Hernando Junior EO: Erica Gane Pattalitan Members: Myla Paggao, etc..

facebook page: IVSA Philippines ISU [1]