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IVSA UK & Ireland

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Our local IVSA chapter includes all veterinary students who hold membership with the Association of Veterinary Students (AVS), which means that pretty much everyone in UK & Ireland vet schools are part of the IVSA family! Our local MO's in the UK and Ireland are:

- Royal (Dick) School of Veterinary Studies (Edinburgh) [1]

- University of Glasgow[2]

- University of Liverpool[3]

- University of Nottingham[4]

- University of Bristol [5]

- University of Cambridge[6]

- Royal Veterinary College (London)[7]

- University College Dublin [8]

- University of Surrey [9]

- University of Harper Keele (https://en-gb.facebook.com/ivsaharperkeele)

Find out more about the individual chapters by clicking the link next to each university name!

The Committee

The IVSA UK & Ireland committee for 2021/22 are as follows:

- President: Lauren Young [presidentivsauk@gmail.com]

- Exchange Officer: Catherine Ross [eoivsauk@gmail.com]

- Promotions Officer: Sophie Griffin

- Projects Officer: Josh Page

We also have reps at each school, who promotes activities locally as well as organising talks and getting new students involved! The following are your main points of contact at the respective school

- Edinburgh: Brianna Blackmon, Agnes pang

- Glasgow: Erin Beever, Caitlin Peck

- Liverpool: Calypso Bressan, Mikhela Saal

- Nottingham: Orabella mcmillan, Rachel Parish

- Bristol: Safiyyah Kader, Laura Muir

- Cambridge: Sze Lynn Yuen, Ella Ykema

- RVC: Adam Robbins, Elizabeth brooks

- Dublin: Sibéal O’Briain, Trinity Dockery

- Surrey: Victoria Koch, Isla Cantle-Jones

- Harper: Jess Knowles Abby Webb

- Keele: Robert Buckley, Gracie white

Exchanges and other activities

Most of our veterinary schools are active in organising yearly group exchanges as well as fundraising and providing events for their local chapter.

Over the last couple of years the universities have come up with some impressive events and participated in virtual exchanges while in-person activities have been limited, make sure you check out their social media accounts to keep up with all activities on a local level.

Previous exchanges have included:

- Edinburgh-Helsinki, Finland 2020

- Glasgow-Barcelona 2020, Glasgow-Brno, Czech Republic 2020

- Liverpool-Oslo, Norway 2020

- Nottingham-Slovenia 2020

- Bristol- Berlin, Germany 2020

- RVC (Royal Veterinary College)-Thailand 2020, RVC-Bern, Switzerland 2020

- Surrey-Porto, Portugal 2020

You can read more about these exchanges and check out the pretty pictures on individual social media accounts.

We hosted the 63rd IVSA Symposium in December 2014, bringing together over 80 delegates from 23 different countries including Austria, Egypt, Indonesia, Netherlands, Portugal, Taiwan and USA!

Useful links


Information on our individual faculties can be found on these links below