IVSA Turkey, Samsun

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IVSA Samsun


Doğukan DAĞ as President

Cem ÖZCAN as Exchange Officer

Buse Melisa PEKŞEN as Secretary

Hande SAĞ as Bookkeeper

Emre Torun as Management Member

İsmail Habeşoğlu as Management Member

Berna Sırtkaya as Management Member

Anıl Gürkan Aksu as Management Member

Ümit Töremiş as Management Member

Our Country and Province:

Simply we can say ; Samsun is a province of Turkey.

You can find more about our Country: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Turkey

You can find more about our Province: http://translate.google.com/translate?u=http://www.samsun.bel.tr/&langpair=tr%7Cen&hl=tr&ie=UTF8

Our faculty is named as "Ondokuz Mayıs University Veterinary Faculty".

Our Local Activities: (For now)

26 December – We have invited Dr. Begüm YURDAKÖK(She was IVSA Ankara’s academic consultant) to explain every platform or source to make individual exchanges at Erasmus+ or Non-Erasmus projects and how to make connections between countries/representatives.

14 March – We had a warming breakfast with new members of IVSA Samsun, Doğukan DAĞ as IVSA Samsun’s President explained to new members about “What is IVSA, why we’re doing it, what is the worth of doing it, how members can support, differences between IVSA organisations and Erasmus+, Farabi and such” Cem Özcan as IVSA Samsun’s Exchange Officer explained to new members about “What is the meaning of Exchange Program, how many exchange programs do we have, how to make it happen, how to join exchange programs”

18 March – As our last event for now, We have welcomed Dr. Aldert Bergwerff to make his presentation about “What should a veterinarian also know about fish”

You can find more information about IVSA Samsun at: