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IVSA Tunisia was founded in 2011 , so we have been an Ivsa chapter for 9 years now. We started our journey as IVSA members hoping to promote IVSA in all the veterinary committee in TUNISIA from the elder till the younger, we have accomplished a lot since then but the better still yet to come. We are based on the National School of Veterinary Medecine in Sidi Thabet, Tunisia . Every 2 years we have an election for a new Executive Committee.

The New Executive Committee 2018-2020:

PRESIDENT  : Arbiya Sakhri
EXCHANGE OFFICIER: Yacine Souissi SECRETARY  : Ines Khosrof VICE-SECRETARY  : Ameni Jandoubi TREASURER  : Hela Khanfir (2018/2019) & Kadija Ayadi (2019/2020)

The Executive Committee 2016-2018:

PRESIDENT  : Mohamed Baltagi Vice-PRESIDENT  : Aziza Bencherifa SECRETARY  : Aicha Essid Vice-SECRETARY  : Nabil trifi TREASURER  : Bedis Kachouti Vice-TREASURER  : Menel Hamza EXCHANGE OFFICIER: Sana Ferhi and Maryem Ben Salem ( we will have a different EO next year )

Principal email : ivsatunisia@ivsamo.org    Secondary : eoivsatunisia@gmail.com


Founded in 1974, the National School of Veterinary Medicine of Sidi Thabet, Tunisia aims to raise Doctors of Veterinary Medicine within a 6 years course : A preparatory year, 2 cycles of 2 years each, and one year of internship. The diploma is awarded to the students who have successfully accomplished a thesis. The School includes 3 departments of studies:

Clinical Sciences Department: Surgery, Livestock Pathology, Aviculture, Medicine, Reproduction, Contagious Diseases and Parasitology

Animal Production Department: Hygiene of Animal Alimentation Resources, Animal Science, Alimentation and Marine Biology.

Fundamental Sciences Department: Anatomy, Anatomo-Pathology


All the events we organize and all the activities we do are within 2 fields:

*social educational and academic field (within and outside the school)
*activities aiming for the entertainment of our members (within and outside the school)

INDIVIDUAL EXCHANGE AND GROUPE EXCHANGE every year we mange to find internship to our local membres aborad ( france , Indonesia , Malaysia, Turkey , Austria ...) we only had one exchange group with South Africa (2013-2014)

    • The first part of the exchange took place in South Africa:

10 Tunisian students went to SA filled of joy and curiosity; it was a 2 week journey starting from the 24th of March until the 6th of April The boys and girls enjoyed a very busy itinerary full of surprises: lectures, safari, hiking trips, rafting, workshops, sightseeing, cultural evening, formal dinner. Magnificent country full of wilderness

    • The second part of the exchange took place in North Africa “Tunisia”:

9 South African students came to Tunisia with no idea what Tunisia is like, motivated by curiosity and the willingness to know more about the other part of the big Africa, they packed their bags and headed to the airport. It was a 2 week journey starting from the 25th of June until the 9th of July The group had the chance to experience a one lifetime journey full of originality and self-discovery. A unique schedule was followed during the 2 weeks which included : -lectures and workshops: -Fish dissection and pathological dominant aquaculture: DR Raouf Dhaouadi

-dissection of camels ‘head : DR HASSEN JERBI

        -visits to local farms  

-"physiological characteristics and adaptation of camel in dry land "

- out and about: Tunisia from the North to the South throu the centre: The North : Sidi Bou Said , old city’s souks, Carthage ruins, National School of veterinary medicine Sidi Thabet The Cost with its sunny beaches water games , beach parties The North west of Tunisia the perfect place for a hiking trip to Djbal Sarej ,Caving The South: • Visit to Tozeur via Gafsa, a tour in the city and carriage ride in the palm grove

• Visit to Onk Jmal and the star wars movie set,

• Visit to Chebika beautiful Berber village of stone and sand overlooking a deep valley, and a track crossing of rugged overlooking a gigantic canyon Tamerza, camel back riding.

• Visit to the magnificent, breathtaking island of dreams Djerba declared lately by UNIESCO a World Heritage centre.