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Our Chapter

IVSA Zurich is one of two IVSA chapters in Switzerland. IVSA Zurich was unfortunately always a quite small MO, mostly due to the fact that our faculty is small too. However we still know how to have fun, and we organise many events to show our fellow students how awesome IVSA is!

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Group exchanges

We usually organise one exchange per semester, so two per year. Most of the time the exchanges are within Europe, due to the fact that it is quite expensive to travel to Switzerland. But as a very expensive country in general, having an exchange with IVSA Zurich might be the best (and cheapest) way to see this beautiful country! We usually host around 10 people for 5-7 days, and try to show everything that Switzerland has to offer, from visiting Zurich and Lucerne, to going hiking, to visiting a chocolate factory (and leaving with a belly ache from having eaten too much chocolate). We also organise interesting workshops at our faculty such as surgery or equine sport medicine.

Individual exchanges

Knowing German is an advantage for most of our clinics, only in the small animal clinic can you get by with only speaking English. Contact us and we can help you arrange an internship in any of our clinics!

Our university

Our faculty was founded in 1902. Today there are two places in Switzerland, where one can study veterinary medicine, one in Bern and one in Zürich. Together the two faculties form the “Vetsuisse Faculty”. The veterinary clinics in Zurich were built in 1959 and still are in the same place. Today we have clinics for farm animals, horses, small animals and exotic animals, as well as buildings for our various institutes such as pharmacology, toxicology, parasitology, pathology, Veterinary Public Health, etc. In 2010 the new small animal clinic was inaugurated. We got the opportunity to use the building of the old clinic as our student room!

Our faculty belongs to the University of Zurich, the biggest university in Switzerland. The university was founded in 1833, so as you can imagine, there are are a lot of pretty nice buildings around.

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