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Our emblem

About our MO

IVSA Bern was probably founded many years ago. Sadly, the students working with it left school and no one came after. After a few years of inactivity, IVSA Bern got reactivated during the Symposium in Taiwan 2017 - we are very happy to be part of it again. However, in Bern IVSA isn't widely known yet, but we are doing everything to improve this and to build up an active MO.

The members

Currently, we are five active members:

caption Sophia Jenni is the current president of IVSA Bern. She is very passionate about horses and spends many weekends participating in show jumping competitions. However, she would prefer to work with companion or farm animals.

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Christa Trachsel is responsible for the people going abroad for an externship, as EO outgoing. She grew up on a farm an therefore knows plenty of things about farm animals. Furthermore, Christa is very much into the swiss reality TV-dating show "Bachelor". Annina Müller is the current EO incoming, so the contact person for everyone who likes to come to Bern. In her spare lessons at university, she enjoys running through the beautiful forests around Bern (preferably as an unicorn).

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