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Image:Picture1.png|''[[Lyon]]'' (October 2015)
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IVSA Slovenia

IVSA Slovenia was founded more than 20 years ago. It is an independent student organisation of veterinary students of Slovenia.

As a member organization of IVSA we are committed to its objectives. To encourage cooperation between members, veterinary student associations and international organizations is one of IVSA's main objectives and we take it especially serious. Why you might wonder? There is a latin saying: »Concordia civium murus urbium«. The unity of citizens is the defensive wall of the city. We are convinced that by meeting new people and working with them, you enrich your life and gather genuine friendships that last a life time. We all know that love and friendship are unfading bonds and this is the reson why the walls of veterinary medicine and the walls of IVSA are everlasting.


From left to right: Domen Kaker, Matic Mrzdovnik, Tine Fluher and Franci Grenko.

There are currently around 360 students partaking the courses of Veterinary Medicine on the Veterinary Faculty of University of Ljubljana[1]. A third of the 360 students, are members of our organisation.

  • President: Matic Mrzdovnik
  • Treasurer: Domen Kaker
  • Exchange Officer: Franci Grenko
  • Publications Officer: Tine Fluher


As written in the constitution of IVSA we are supporting veterinary education. This is an immensely important tasks. That's why we work hard to organise individual and group exchanges in the name of better veterinary edjucation of our members and the members of the international community. An extensive amount of our energy is aimed at bonding with other students and expending our circle of friends.

One of the annually conducted events with great importance is the IVSA Camp. The main purpose of the event is to welcome new members among our lines – usually freshman of our faculty- to encourage them on their new life path and to forge meaningful connections both with the upperclassmen and among themselves. An important part of the camp are also lectures which broaden the horizons of our members.

We also organise fundraising events to gather funds for operating. We sell cookies, T-shirts etc. In December or January we prepare Veterinary Quiz for students.

Once per year we prepare The Veterinary Students' Forum. We invite respectable speakers and discuss on actual topics.

International Exchanges


Another very important traditional event. The objective of this short exchange is to tighten the bonds with our neighboring IVSA organisations. It is a weekend exchange as the name suggests. Once in every semester all these MOs meet in one of the countries. The hosting members welcome and host their austrian, croatian, czech or slovenian counterparts at their places and provide food and programme. Usually the weekends are highly entertaining and extremely jaunty three days!

Before, the event was only hosted in Austria, Croatia and Slovenia so it was called CRO-SLO-AUSTRO WEEKEND. Last year our friends from IVSA Brno joined us and we staged a historical weekend and since then the event has been renamed.


Usually we do exchanges with up to 10 students. We want to show foreign students as much as possible of our beautiful country!

We begin in Ljubljana, where is also our Faculty. We have Faculty and City Tour. As for travelling we take students to a trip somewhere in Slovenia. Places we visit depend on the season. We visit seaside, mountains with beautiful lakes, our magnificent caves and other natural miracles. We also want students to get as much cultural experience as possible: typical cuisine, traditions etc. Naturally there are also PARTIES!

A week is not enough to experience everything but we really strive to make our guest feel good and make them remember their staying in SLOVENIA.

Recent exchanges with other IVSA MOs: Madrid, South Africa, Nottingham, Dublin, Zurich, Ankara and Lyon.

Do not hesitate to contact our EO if you are interested in arranging an exchange!

Currently we are preparing leaflet with all details about Slovenia, our Faculty, IVSA etc. We will send it to your MO e-mails as soon as it is ready.


*e-mail: ivsaslovenia@ivsamo.org or ivsaslo@gmail.com
*Facebook: IVSA Slovenia [2]