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Our Chapter


(Year 2019-2020)

Chairperson: Zanthope Czarina B. Perez

Vice Chairperson: Valerie June M. Doctolero

Secretary: Sharlene Marie S. Ferraren

Associate Secretary: Ronnil Jamago

Treasurer: Christian Michael Sepe

Associate Treasurer: Elosia E. Estologa

Auditor: Anna Lourdes B. Waga

PIO: Rolando U. Tibon Jr.

Exchange Officer: Lorenzo Miguel Y. Bonafe


International Activities

The IVSA Mindanao is very active on its participation on IVSA Conferences especially in Asia. Some of these IVSA Conferences that they have participated were; 7th IVSA Asian Conference, hosted by IVSA Thailand in the year 2016;2017 IVSA Symposium and General Assembly at North Carolina, USA; 2017 World Veterinary Congress at South Korea; IVSA Asia Conference in Indonesia. This organization aims to strengthen the skills and learning of its members through active participation of learning opportunities that would equipped them as a veterinarian. Not only does it promote excellence, but also unity amidst diversity by creating connection from the different MOs around the world.


IVSA Mindanao with its affiliated local organization, the Veterinary Medical Students' Association in Central Mindanao University, Bukidnon, Philippines, conducts project drive to its community to lend a help even in small ways. One project they have done is the repainting of a fence in a zoological park in their university. the park has always been a venue of their activities, and as way to give back, they have donated paint and even volunteered to do the work. Another project that they annually do, is the outreach community, where they give mini seminars to educate the people on responsible pet ownership and as well as give grocery supplies and school supplies to the families on the chosen locality. These are just some of the projects that the IVSA Mindanao has been working for the past years. They believed that aside from molding its members, they must also nurture the community around them.

Local Activities

IVSA Mindanao also conducts symposium and exposures. The topics that are tackled in these activities are those that cover actual field work and encourage them to participate which are the zoological and wildlife management, small animal and laboratory animal proper handling and restraint, large animal management, and surgery. These activities help the members to strengthen their skills in different veterinary field. It also stimulates them and gives them a good grasp of the veterinary field.

Our university

There are currently only 2 schools which offer the veterinary medicine course in Mindanao and one of this is Central Mindanao University, the academic paradise of the South. It is located in the heart of Mindanao, province of Bukidnon,Philippines. In June 1975 college of Veterinary Medicine opened its door to students. The vision of the Central Mindanao University College of Veterinary Medicine is to become the Center of Excellence in Veterinary Education in Mindanao. The Mission: CMU-CVM undertakes to produce graduates who are competent in the practice of general veterinary medicine such as food animal practice (ruminants, swine & poultry) companion animals (equine, canine & feline, etc.), veterinary public health and animal welfare. It inculcates in its graduates social consciousness, professional ethics and a sense of responsibility to work towards national goal and development. The university has facilities such as the Veterinary Teaching Hospital, Animal Disease and Diagnostic Laboratory, and Microbiology Research Laboratory where the students are able to practice their on-hand activities and enhances their skills. Veterinary Medicine takes 6 years to finish the course. The university has dormitories, sports complex, cafeteria, marketplace and a park for the students to relax and unwind. Driven by their goals which is commitment to excellence, moral integrity and unity in diversity, no wonder Central Mindanao University has produced excellent and globally competitive graduates throughout the years.

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