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IVSA Pakistan ChapterFacebook group:https://www.facebook.com/ivsaPakistan/

IVSA Pakistan a National Chapter in Pakistan which was held during 2016 and led by Salman Sadiq as a President IVSA Pakistan and Hafiz Muhammad Zaid as Exchange officer.The personalities run the chapter qith great efforts and arranged many activities ,events ,awareness sessions and many others. Salman and Zaid handed us over the chapter this year.Here are the new Cabinet

IVSA Pakistan President:Muhammad Anas Nawaz Exchange officer: Ahmad Attique Junior Exchange officer:Kanza Rani General SEcretary: Ahmad Azeem Sardar Treasure: Hamid Raza Event Coordinator: Muhammad Zaid Secretary advisor: Abdul Wahab Khokhar we are trying to gain more members to spoke the motto of IVSA Pakistan.We are hoping for individual and group exchanges with any Chapter in future.We want to Spread the word about this Global pathway. EXCHANGES;

  Many local and Individuals exchange are performed.As Individual exchanges are perform with IVSA Malaysia and IVSA Turkey.