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Our chapter

Our chapter is a national MO, thus we only have one university where you can study veterinary medicine in Norway. As of today (06.04.2020)our boardmembers are as following:

President: Sunniva Johanne Bjormo

Senior EO: Karoline Aamo

Junior EO: Aminah Nofal

Our board gets elected each year at the beginning of the new school year (august/september).

Group exchanges

We normally arrange two group exchanges every year, mostly during the spring semester.

Individual exchanges

Our university usually takes care of individual exchanges, but we can help you get in touch with them.

Our university

As of today our university is based in Oslo, but we will be moving to our new campus in january 2021. The new campus is placed in Ås, which is approxemately 30 minutes outside of Oslo. The new campus is built from scratch, and will be containing new and modern equipment in the field of veterinary medicine.

Contact us

Our e-mail adress is ivsanorway@ivsamo.org You can also reach us on our facebook account; IVSA Norway or on our instagram page; ivsanorway.