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A. The IVSA Malaysia Kelantan Chapter

B. Our City

Our faculty is located in Pengkalan Chepa, a city in Kelantan state, which is rich in traditional malay culture and lots of delicious Kelantanese food. Pengkalan Chepa is where the Sultan Ismail Petra Airport is located. It is located about 8 km from the Kota Bharu town.

C. Our Faculty

The Veterinary Faculty of the University Malaysia Kelantan was founded in 2009. The mission of the faculty is to develop and further enhance livestock health and the prosperity of humanity whilst contributing to the global economy through an education development philosophy based on entrepreneurship and leadership skills in the veterinary medicine curriculum. We want to work together with other vet schools around the world, in ensuring best learning opportunities for our students, the continual education of veterinarians and scientists and to improve the quality of life of pets and their owners, the array of creatures big and small and our committment to our environment.

D. MO The IVSA Malaysia Kelantan Chapter It is created 2015. Well, still young and many things are awaiting in front...

Current IVSA positions 1. Vice President – Malcolm Chong Kwok Wei 2. Secretary – Dylan Choy Siew Fen 3. Treasurer – Kausalya Raman 4. Exchange Officer – Terrence Thong

E. Group exchanges:TBC

F. Individual exchanges: TBC

G. Local activities:

One Health Campaign, IVSA Malaysia UPM-UMK Veterinary Students Local Exchange

H. Article: None

I. Facebook page : https://www.facebook.com/IVSAMalaysia and our E-mail : ivsamalaysia.kelantan@gmail.com