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The Veterinary School of Naples was born in the second half of the XVIII century, at the behest of Ferdinand IV of Bourbon, king of Naples. Our University consists of a Small Animal Hospital, an Equine Clinic and laboratories in the fields of Food Inspection, Pathology, Parasitology, and Infectious Diseases. About Food Producing Animals, we move to farms.

Exchanges Usually we organise exchanges anytime between March and May or between October and December. Generally we host 8-9 people, but as Neapolitan people, we are always able to make do! Of course, we also give you the opportunity to make individual exchanges.

Activities Workshops & Seminars The main themes are generally Parasitology, Forensic Pathology, Clinic and Surgery on small animals, Zootechnics (with a special insight on the breeding of the Italian Mediterranean Water Buffalo) and Nutrition Science.

Around the City We are more than pleased to welcome you to our breathtaking city and let you immerse yourself in the real Neapolitan experience: history, tradition, culture, art, music and food!

Local MO Board President:

Cozzolino Luciana Secretary:

Pietro Melillo Treasurer:

Lorenzo Laperuta Exchange Officer:

Deborah J Mainardi Exchange Officer:

Jr Michele D'Antonio Public Relations & Social Media Menager:

Manuela Giannetti Trustees:

Vincenzo Gaita
IVSA Alumni Chair 
Stefano DiNola

Contact us Can't wait to hear from you! ivsaitaly.napoli@ivsamo.org

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