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About Us

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IVSA Thessaly is part of IVSA Greece. After a long period of inactivity, a group of energetic people with fresh ideas, willing to do the best they can to benefit the animals and people of our country and amplify to the mission of IVSA Global, gathered and rebuilt IVSA Thessaly, in 2011. Although we are a newborn chapter, we are a very active one! Every year we organize various local events on veterinary topics and also on topics that can qualify us to benefit the health of humans (ex. First Aid seminars).

Hellenic Veterinary Students’ Congress It's organized by IVSA Thessaly and IVSA Thessaloniki (IVSA Greece)and it's the biggest event of each year!

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The participants are veterinary students who have worked on a subject of veterinary medicine with the assistance of professors from either of our 2 Faculties of Veterinary Medicine. The main goal of this congress is for our future veterinarians to get to know each other and improve their skills at social environments. For most of our participants it would be their first chance to stand in front of a crowd and present their work.This project is fully supported by the Greek Society of Veterinarians.

IVSA Thessaly board 2014-2015:

President: Evanthia (Anthi) Kolovou Vice president: Nikoleta Makri Secretary: Elina Vatzia Exchange Officer: Elli-Ioanna Papazoglou Sponsorship Officer: Katerina Birou Local veterinary public health officer: Georgia Skoura Treasurer: Vaggelis Gkotsopoulos Internet & Design Officer: Petros Odatzoglou Events Organizer: Axmet Oglou Amet

Our Faculty

The Veterinary Faculty of the University of Thessaly was founded in 1993. The mission of the Faculty is to educate veterinary students and to promote scientific knowledge in the field of veterinary science. The members of the Faculty strive to provide education within a research environment for the benefit of the veterinary profession, the national economy and the local society. They aim to balance the requirements for research, teaching and clinical work, whilst reaching their full academic potential and excellence.


Our city

The faculty is located in Karditsa, a city in western Thessaly in mainland Greece with gentle inhabitants, good city planning, beautiful buildings, many shops, sufficient sports facilities, many pedestrian streets and squares. In the recent years the need to deal with the traffic jam in the center of the city made the Municipal Authorities to create a 14 Km bicycle track. At a central point in the city is the magnificent grove of Pafsilypo. With a population close to 40.000, Karditsa is the fourth largest city of Thessaly.


Group exchanges

We are a newborn chapter but very motivated and active and we want to do a LOT of group exchanges!

Up to this date we have organized group exchanges in cooperation with IVSA Bursa, Turkey and IVSA Alfort, France. Although our goal is to organize many more group exchanges, so don't hesitate to contact us !

For every group exchange we can accept a maximum of 15 students for 1 week!

Generally, we can offer: 1. Accommodation 2. Typical Greek food and culture 3. Sightseeing, visiting touristic places and outdoor activities 4. Workshops and lectures 5. A glimpse of Greek nightlife

We promise to do our best to make it “the perfect exchange “, by respecting, when it’s possible, the wishes of every chapter who want to do a group exchange with us.

Contact us to organize a memorable exchange as soon as possible!


Individual exchanges

Greece is one of the most beautiful countries in the world.

So don 't miss the chance to practice here!

There are available for you to practice veterinary medicine, two of the best Veterinary Clinics of the country, in our capital Athens!

By that you can gain a good experience on: 1.Soft tissue surgery 2.Cardiology 3.Orthopedic surgery 4.Dermatology 5.Neurosurgery

…and much more!!

You can click the links below and check the websites of the clinics!



Spoken languages: English

So, what are you waiting for ? Come and visit us :)

Facebook : IVSA THESSALY Gmail: ivsathessaly@gmail.com Blog: ivsa-thessaly.blogspot.com