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IVSA Thessaly, Greece

IVSA Thessaly is part of IVSA Greece. After a long period of inactivity, a group of energetic people with fresh ideas, willing to do the best they can to benefit the animals and people of our country and amplify to the mission of IVSA Global, gathered and rebuilt IVSA Thessaly, in 2011. Although we are a newborn chapter, we are a very active one! Every year we organize various local events on veterinary topics and also on topics that can qualify us to benefit the health of humans (ex. First Aid seminars).

Our top event is the: Panhellenic Veterinary Students’ Congress which is organized by IVSA Thessaly and IVSA Thessaloniki (IVSA Greece). The participants are veterinary students who have worked on a subject of veterinary medicine with the assistance of a professor from either of our 2 Faculties of Veterinary Medicine. The main goal of this congress is for our future veterinarians to get to know each other and improve their skills at social environments. For most of our participants it would be their first chance to stand in front of a crowd and present their work.This project is fully supported by the Greek Society of veterinarians.