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About Us

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The chapter of IVSA Thessaly is part of IVSA Greece. After a long period of inactivity, a group of energetic people with fresh ideas, willing to do the best they can to benefit the animals and people of our country and amplify to the mission of IVSA Global, gathered and rebuilt IVSA Thessaly, in 2011. We are a very active chapter, as the number of our members has increased, and every year we organize various local events on veterinary and One Health topics(ex. Reptiles' Seminar, First Aid seminars, etc.).

Hellenic Veterinary Students’ Congress

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It's organized by IVSA Thessaly and IVSA Thessaloniki (IVSA Greece)and it's the biggest event of each year! The participants are undergraduate veterinary students, or students from other scientific fields (ex. Medicine, Pharmacology, Biochemistry, etc.), who present their projects, that are based on a variety of subjects that are affiliated with animals and veterinary medicine. The students work on their projects with the assistance of professors from either of our two faculties of Veterinary Medicine, independent veterinary professionals or professors from other Universities and professionals from other areas of expertise, depending on the nature of their subject. The main goal of the congress is to allow future veterinarians to get to know each other and improve their skills in social environments. In most cases it would be the first chance for the participants to stand in front of a crowd and present their work. This project is fully supported by the Greek Society of Veterinarians.

Our Faculty

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The Faculty of Veterinary Science of the University of Thessaly has been founded in 1993. The Faculty is a member of the European Association of Establishments for Veterinary Education (EAEVE).

The Faculty awards the Degree of Veterinary Medicine, the Postgraduate Degree of Master of Science, and the degree of Doctor of Philosophy, as well as various postgraduate training degrees.

The Degree of Veterinary Medicine awarded by the Faculty allows the licensing and practice of graduate veterinarians in all countries of the European Union.

Thus far, 510 veterinarians have graduated from the Faculty and moreover 116 MSc and 46 Ph.D. degrees have been awarded.

The teaching staff currently includes 31 academics, 4 academic teachers, and 17 part-time teaching staff. All academics hold a Ph.D. degree, whilst nine of them also hold an official European veterinary specialization title. Currently, the Department includes 500 active registered students, 10 postgraduate students, and 45 Ph.D. students.

In May 2011, the Faculty has been successfully evaluated by the Hellenic Quality Assurance & Accreditation Agency. Further, the Faculty has been evaluated by the European System of Evaluation of the Veterinary Teaching in October 2017.

The Vision

The Faculty is responsible for organizing and implementing teaching and research activity in veterinary science. The mission of the Faculty is the training of young veterinarians, who will be active within the veterinary profession, in the areas of animal health and welfare, food hygiene, protection against zoonoses, environmental sustainability, experimental medicine, and veterinary research.

With research activity and academic teaching, the Faculty aims to promote veterinary science and the veterinary profession. Within the above context, the Faculty has set the following objectives.

– High-quality teaching, making professionally competitive for graduates to practice at the European level.

– International recognition of research, leading to the development of innovative work and clinical applications.

– Support of students and staff to achieve personal goals in their careers.

– Strong presence in national and international veterinary venues.

Departments of the Veterinary Faculty, University of Thessaly


-Anatomy, Histology, and Embryology

-Animal Husbandry and Nutrition

-Aquaculture and Fish Diseases


-Epidemiology, Biostatistics and Animal Health Economics

-Hygiene of Foods of Animal Origin

-Microbiology and Parasitology

-Pathology and Veterinary Forensic Medicine

-Pharmacology and Toxicology




-Obstetrics and Reproduction

-Poultry Diseases


Link to the University's website: [http://www.vet.uth.gr/?page_id=897 ]

Our City

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The faculty is located in Karditsa, a city in western Thessaly in mainland Greece with kind inhabitants, good city planning, beautiful buildings, many shops, sufficient sports facilities, many pedestrian streets, and squares. In recent years the need to deal with the traffic jam in the center of the city inspired the Municipal Authorities to create a 14 Km bicycle track. At a central point in the city is the magnificent grove of Pafsilypo. With a population close to 40.000, Karditsa is the fourth largest city of Thessaly.

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Group Exchanges

We are very motivated and active and we want to do a LOT of group exchanges!


Usually, every year we organize up to 3-4 exchanges, but our motto is the more the merrier! Up to this date we have organized group exchanges in cooperation with various IVSA chapters, the most recent being IVSA Wrocław, Poland, IVSA Lyon, France, IVSA Krakow, Poland, IVSA Cambridge, UK Ireland, and IVSA Portugal. Our goal is to organize many more group exchanges, so don't hesitate to contact us!

For every group exchange, we can accept a maximum of 8 students for 1 week, but the number of participants and days of accommodation can be arranged and changed accordingly, after the arrangement between EOs.

Generally, we can offer:

1. Accommodation

2. Typical Greek food and culture

3. Sightseeing, visiting touristic places and outdoor activities

4. Workshops and lectures

5. A glimpse of Greek nightlife

Meteora 0086.JPG

During our exchanges, we always visit Meteora

The Metéora is one of the largest and most important complexes of Greek Orthodox monasteries in Greece!

The six monasteries are built on natural sandstone rock pillars that give you the sensation that you are suspended in the air! The nearest town is Kalambaka. The Metéora is included on the UNESCO World Heritage List under criteria.

Meteora with drone plane

We promise to do our best to make it "the perfect exchange"!

Contact us to organize a memorable exchange as soon as possible!

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IVSA Thessaly board 2019-2020

President: Ioanna Angeliki Chandra

Vice president: Eleni Katsarou

Secretary: Angeliki Sotirchou

Senior Exchange Officer: Ioanna Kapna

Junior Exchange Officer: Foteini Papadaki

Senior Sponsorship Officer: Konstantina Louka

Junior Sponsorship Officer: Michail Kapsalis

One Health Officer: Konstantinos Karachristos

Treasurer: Zoi Stamatia Bellou

Internet & Design Officer: Stefanos Dionysiou

Events Officer: Alexandros Stampolous

Magazine Editor: Olga Avlonitou




ivsathessaly@gmail.com or ivsagreece.thessaly@ivsamo.org