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Welcome on our Wiki-Page :)

About one year ago the five German Member Organisations (MO) Berlin, Giessen, Hanover, Leipzig and Munich decided to found IVSA Germany for improving our cooperation among each other. To maintain the cooperation among the members there are regular meetings in one of the five locations and online-meetings for short information exchanges as well. We talk about our last activities in each MO, about national and international news and last but not least we have a lot of fun together with eating, drinking, sightseeing and nightlife ;)

For the future there are also national group exchanges planned in order to build close friendships.

Although we work closely together, we are still five independent MOs and of course you have got the possibility to organize individual internships and residencies as well as group exchanges with the separate German MOs. In order to cooperate, just contact the Exchange Officer of your preferred MO.

National President: Sandra Stelzer (sandra.stelzer@fu-berlin.de)

National EO: Stefanie Schmidt (stefanie.ivsagermany@gmail.com)

IVSA Berlin

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Berlin is a unique city full of different cultures and people. Due to its history and having been split into two different parts, Berlin is a very diverse city where it's never boring and everyone finds a favorite place to be. It's not only Germany's capital, but also its largest city with roughly 3.5 million inhabitants.

Our faculty is located in the southern suburbs of Berlin and has different campuses. Our largest campus holds our clinics for small animals, horses, reproduction, cloven-hoofed animals and birds as well as other institutes like Parasitology, Microbiology, Biochemistry, Physiology etc. The smaller campus includes the institutes for Anatomy, Histology and Pharmacology. Most of the preclinical part of our studies is spent there. Furthermore, we have a reproduction clinic specialized in horses located in the surrounding area of Berlin. The faculty and IVSA Berlin are always glad to welcome students from abroad and to show them our campus and all the possibilities for students that are offered here. Besides visiting our campus, you will of course also experience the students life and Berlin’s exciting nightlife.

Berlin is a great city to live and to study in, but we are always interested in and excited about visiting other faculties around the world as well.

Group Exchanges with IVSA Bristol, IVSA Belgrad, IVSA Utrecht, IVSA Liverpool, IVSA Madrid, IVSA Naples, IVSA Surrey

President: Sandra Stelzer (sandra.stelzer@fu-berlin.de)

EOs: Sebatian Geiger (ivsa.berlin_sg@yahoo.com) Carolin Müller (carolin_mueller_@t-online.de)

IVSA Giessen

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About the faculty: Our faculty is located in the town of Giessen, which is the city with the highest percentage of students in Germany! Most of our Campus is close to the town just 2 km from the city center. In Giessen you have lots of possibilities to experience our faculty in the different clinics or institutes. We have clinics for small animals, horses, ruminants, pigs and reproductive medicine. The beautiful surrounding provides many opportunities of leisure time activities such as canyoning, high ropes course, a visit of the Licher brewery and many many more. From Giessen it is also just a one-hour drive to Frankfurt!

For more information about our faculty visit: http://www.uni-giessen.de/faculties/f10?set_language=en

Group Exchanges with IVSA Bursa, Uludağ University in Turkey since 2014

President: Indra Nowak

EO: Christin Dannewitz

Financial Officer: André Knittel

Contact: ivsa-giessen@gmx.de

IVSA Hanover

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Presidents: Leona Wall and Krista Wagner (ivsa-hannover@hotmail.de)

EOs: Morgana Mertens and Alina Sehnert (eo-ivsa-hannover@hotmail.com)

Website: http://ivsa-hannover.npage.de/

IVSA Leipzig

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Leipzig is an awesome and quite alternative city in eastern Germany, where you can find the smallest and therefore most familiar vet faculty of our country. The up and coming town has a lot to offer! No matter if you're looking for german history, culture, nature or events, there's plenty of everything.

We call our faculty our own little island, as everything you need is located on one campus. Being it pre- and para-clinical institutes as well as the clinics for small animals, birds and reptiles, obstetrics, internal medicine in large animals or their surgery, it is all on one spot. Futhermore, we have a faculty farm just a bit outside the city. Our IVSA chapter is always motivated to welcome students from abroad, getting to know their studies and cities, as well as organizing events on internationally important topics. So far, we have our anually group exchanges with the faculty for veterinary hygiene in Brno/Czech Republic and IVSA Istanbul/Turkey. But there's so much more to come! Maybe it's you to be around next for an externship or exchange?

Contact us on ivsa.vmf.leipzig@gmail.com or via our facebook page!

President: Leonie Fingerhut

EO: Jan Franzen and Torsten Langner

IVSA Munich

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Munich is a beautiful city located in Southern Germany. Because of it's proximity to the alps a lot of people enjoy hiking, skiing and relaxing at one of the many lakes on the weekend. Almost all the stereotypes people have of Germany actually come from Bavaria (Munich is the state capital of Bavaria). Typical food like Sauerkraut and Bratwurst, Clothing like Dirndl and Lederhosen and drinking habits are all staples of Bavaria. Bavaria is home to many breweries and the world famous Oktoberfest is held on the Theresienwiese every year.

Our faculty campus is split in two parts.

The main campus is located right on the edge of the English Garden in the city center. Here we have our small animal and horse clinics, as well as the institutes of Parasitology, Pathology, Physiology and Anatomy. The second part is located on the outskirts of Munich in Oberschleißheim. The fact that the second part of the faculty is located in the midts of the beautiful Bavarian countryside means our uni has enough space for a farm, which helps the students gain practical experience with large animals. Our bovine,swine,avine and reptile clinics are also located on this campus.

President: Birte Hartung

EO: Lea Haucke

Contact: ivsa.munich@gmx.de