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Welcome on our Wiki-Page :)

About one year ago the five German Member Organisations (MO) Berlin, Giessen, Hanover, Leipzig and Munich decided to found IVSA Germany for improving our cooperation among each other. To maintain the cooperation among the members there are regular meetings in one of the five locations and online-meetings for short information exchanges as well. We talk about our last activities in each MO, about national and international news and last but not least we have a lot of fun together with eating, drinking, sightseeing and nightlife ;)

For the future there are also national group exchanges planned in order to build close friendships.

Although we work closely together, we are still five independent MOs and of course you have got the possibility to organize individual internships and residencies as well as group exchanges with the separate German MOs. In order to cooperate, just contact the Exchange Officer of your preferred MO.

IVSA Germany President: Sandra Stelzer (sandra.stelzer@fu-berlin.de)

IVSA Germany EO: Stefanie Schmidt

IVSA Berlin

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President: Sandra Stelzer (sandra.stelzer@fu-berlin.de)

EOs: Ruth Klemmer (ruth.klemmer@fu-berlin.de) and Carolin Müller (carolin_mueller_@t-online.de)

IVSA Giessen

Indras Schlange Endbearbeitet xD mit nicht stilisiertem Logo2.png Unbenannt2.jpg 20150421 1405132.jpg 20150420 2037402.jpg

President: Indra Nowak EO: Alexandra Höhne Contact: ivsa-giessen@gmx.de

IVSA Hanover

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Presidents: Leona Wall and Krista Wagner (ivsa-hannover@hotmail.de)

EOs: Morgana Mertens and Alina Sehnert (eo-ivsa-hannover@hotmail.com)

Website: http://ivsa-hannover.npage.de/

IVSA Leipzig

IVSA Munich