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[https://docs.wixstatic.com/ugd/cf098e_d3db5bdf05124b0f9d03d154e2d2f6db.pdf October 2017]
[https://docs.wixstatic.com/ugd/cf098e_d3db5bdf05124b0f9d03d154e2d2f6db.pdf October 2017]

March 2018
[https://docs.wixstatic.com/ugd/cf098e_0004f2795c8f4036a22c35b1f626b54b.pdf March 2018]

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IVSA Estonia logo with the estonian national bird, the barn swallow.

The IVSA Estonia chapter

We were accepted as a Member Organization of IVSA in the Winter Symposium 2014. IVSA Estonia was registered officially in Estonia as MTÜ in 11th of November 2015. The design for our logo was released November 2017.

IVSA Estonia brings international and Estonian vet students together in Estonian University of Life sciences by organizing educational, social and cultural activities. IVSA Estonia promotes international relations and offers exchanges between other vet schools throughout the world.

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Board members 2018

  • President: Emmilotta Vehviläinen
  • Exchange Officer: Iina Airasmaa
  • Secretary: Annika Laaksonen
  • Membership Coordinator: Salla Tuomi
  • Event Coordinator: Aino Valolahti
  • Treasurer: Aino Salo
  • Public Relations Coordinator: Minna Latva-Somppi

Working groups

Surgery club

Our popular monthly Surgery clubs are great places to practice suturing. In the beginners group you get to know basic principles of suturing, instruments and other materials with advices of older students. Advanced group focuse more i.e. suturing techniques and different tissues, often with real material, and sometimes watching surgery videos. Surgery club working group makes group orders for suturing kits and are also trying to organize other skills labs depending on interest.


Ice skating with IVSA RVC

Excursions are organized throughout the year and made to different farms, clinics and other veterinary related sites to get to know better Estonian agriculture and veterinary practices. Excursion working group also organizes different themed social or cultural evenings. Those include i.e. board game nights, outdoor activities such as hiking or paddling trips, taste journeys, sitting dinners or cultural nights.

Soft skills

Academic studies concentrates mostly on hard skills, which are in contrast generally easily quantifiable and measurable, usually job-spesific professional skills, such as medical expertise to perform diagnosis and treatment. Soft skills are often some of the hardest skills to develop, and there are no easy measure of success. Soft skills are one of the most important things IVSA Estonia wants to promote. Soft skill working group organizes training seminars on different topics and improvisation practice.

Group exchanges

IVSA Estonia organizes exchanges with university and city tour, fun cultural activities such as ice skating, snowtubing, cultural night and baking some traditional food, sauna, visit to animal shelter and outdoor trips. If participants wish, we can stay day or two in Tallinn, capital city of Estonia. We'll have some lectures and workshops on topics that participants are interested, i.e. lecture about wild animal restraining and workshop about physical examination of cows in our university research farm Märja, as well as different skills labs, i.e. surgery club.

Previous group exchanges and reports

IVSA Brno - IVSA Estonia

Meenikunno nature park

November 2015

IVSA Cluj-Napoca, Romania - IVSA Estonia

February/March 2017

IVSA UK & Ireland, RVC London- IVSA Estonia

October 2017

March 2018