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IVSA Brno was established in 2007 and it is the only one of its kind in Czech Republic, as our university - Uviversity of veterinary and pharmaceutical sciences Brno, is unique as well.

We operate as a totally independent "students for students" organisation at school. Not every student has to be necessarily a member of IVSA, but we welcome anyone with open arms and currently, we have about 80 active members.

Our purpose is to help all the students, to educate them as well, through lectures and seminars with foreign or famous experts in veterinary science, we also hold many events just for having fun and relaxation away from studying.

IVSA Brno logo.png


Even though the amount of members is not so big, I can say we are all incredibly active and full of energy people, who always try do to their best in anything they want. That is why during the year, there is lots of events which IVSA Brno holds or participates in.

The "Meet and greet" weekend for 1st year students

As we understand, how hard it can be, to come to the new place with nothing and no one familiar around, we try to make something special for our freshmen. New students can apply for this weekend voluntarily, before the start of the semester, from late August to the middle of September. We newly send out little posters as an ivitation to this weekend, with letters of acceptance coming from University leadership. The main focus of this weekend is to have as much fun as we can, to get known each other and make new friendships. We also try to describe freshmen, what life is like on our university, show them the campus and also teach them some rules of behavior during exams and university life.

IVSA meeting weekend.jpg

The traditional Ball

This year (2016) was our debute one in throwing traditional university ball, as the whole organisation was on us. Typical part of programme is a raffle, which we use for fundraising. However, it is not only about fundraising at all, the ball is about dancing, fancy dresses, funny pictures, good drinks and having fun during all evening!

IVSA Ball.jpg

The Rag

Typically typical for May, yes I am talking about Rag. It is a favourite event of all of us, on open-air festival base. Everyone is exhausted of ending semesters full of studying and need some motivation before exams - here comes the Rag. Day of funny games and competitions with veterinary theme, live band on a stage, great fresh food and drinks made in front of you hungry eyes. We cooperate with some quests - for example this yearit were Veterinarians Without Borders. The important part of the rag is also charity auction, in which we raise money for some good purpose (dog shelters, rescue stations etc.).

IVSA Rag.jpg

First aid workshops We cooperate with medicine students (IMFSA and „For life“ org.) and learn our students how to provide someone in need with th first aid.

International Cuisine Evening (ICE) Event, where we meet in our student centre building and share delicious food, typical for different countries – students of english studying programme are from various countries, so this way we can all meet and have fun.

Hematological congress and other seminars and lectures A day with professionals from Czech Republic but also Austria and Switzerland. Usually older students are involved in this kind of events, but it is opened for everyone. We believe that knowledge shared right from practice of the experts is easier to remember and understand.

Traveller evenings Students, who were in some interesting places share they experience with others (we had some from Palestina, Australia, Norway, Finland, Island). They make some kind of presentation or video and we all meet in a lecture hall to sit and talk about they stay in some country. This is a great oppurtunity to motivate others to travel or apply for an international exchange, which is also in our competence.

Buddy programme Students from other countries, from english programme or from Erasmus can be little bit confused or lost at the beginning, so here we are, ready to help them and be their „buddies“.

Language courses – students for students (English conversation and grammar)

Movie evenings, seminars and lectures

Improshow (stand up comedy)

IVSA's own magazine VýFUk If you are wondering why VýFUk - VFU is abbreviation of our university's name and "výfuk" is car exhaust in Czech...Hahaha, so funny, we know, you don't have to laugh so hard. This magazine is next to Facebook and our website other way of informing other students about what is going on in IVSA or anywhere else in the world. You can find some jokes, interesting articles about any topic or even interviews with famous persons.

IVSA magazine.png

== International exchanges ==

Besides all the activities we do, international exchanges are, I dare to say, on the first place on our "to do" list. The main person,who takes care of it is our Exchange officer (2016, Jana Vrábelová - contact me on Facebook, or on our email adress: officer.ivsa@seznam.cz). Exchanges are done on classic base - we choose usually 10 students, according to their applications, where we look at creativity, humor and uniqueness.

Czech Republic is beautiful small country in the middle of Europe, and I can only recommend visiting. Our university is in the second biggest city, Brno, so there is a lot to see. However, we don't spend the whole time in Brno at all. As we say "tour da Prague" (our capital city), is typical part of exchange week, then absolutely glourious Lednice castle oftentimes, abyss Macocha - the deepest one in Europe (deepest with accessible bottom). Next to this amazing and adventurous trips are also relaxing stuff like visiting interesting theme taverns and cafes (There is a special Cat's cafe, where you can cuddle with cats and kitten, while you enjoy your coffe, tea or dessert, isn't it cute?)