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== The IVSA Austria Chapter ==
== The IVSA Austria Chapter ==

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IVSA President: Lukas Huber
IVSA President: Lukas Huber

IVSA EO: Sandra Kriechbaumer
IVSA EO: Karin Luzak
CEO Trustee: Daniela Wagner

CEO Trustee: Janina Janssen

Marlies Schnierer and Tjorven Sellmer handed us over the Chapter last year in June.
We are proud of about 200 active members, who help us carrying out group exchanges.
We tried to gain more active members and are now proud of about 50 active members, who help us carrying out group exchanges.
Most of them are freshmans, so we are now slowly introducing them to IVSA and its possibilities.
Most of them are freshmans, so we are now slowly introducing them to IVSA and its possibilities.

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The IVSA Austria Chapter

... is pretty old! That is to say, we don't really know how old it is ;)

We have approximately 2300 IVSA members, as every student of the University of Veterinary Medicine Vienna is a member of IVSA.

Current IVSA positions

IVSA President: Lukas Huber

IVSA EO: Karin Luzak

CEO Trustee: Daniela Wagner

We are proud of about 200 active members, who help us carrying out group exchanges. Most of them are freshmans, so we are now slowly introducing them to IVSA and its possibilities.

Group exchanges

Every semester the Cro-Slo-Austro takes place in eather Croatia, Slovenia or Austria. Meeting every semester for a weekend creates friendships that can last throughout the whole studies or even longer. For more information also see IVSA Slovenia.

Besides we do at least one "big exchange" and one more "small exchange". Big exchange means about 10-20 people for 5-7 days with a country not reachable by car. Small exchange means about 6-9 people for 3-5 days with a country reachable by car.

I hope I didn't confuse you more than necessary ;)

For any questions you can always send an E-Mail to

sandra.kriechbaumer@hvu.vetmeduni.ac.at (IVSA EO)

lukas.huber@hvu.vetmeduni.ac.at (IVSA President)

janina.janssen@hvu.vetmeduni.ac.at (CEO Trustee)

Our offers

A big, state of the art university in the heart of Europe

Accomodation, typical Austrian food and culture

Sightseeing and a look behind the scenes

Workshops in the day, going out at night

Nice hosts and fabulous cooks caring for you :)

Our expectations

Give-and-take basis

Getting to know the country/city and people

At least one veterinary medicine related activity

Latest group exchanges

March 2011: Cro-Slo-Austro in Slovenia

June 2011: Re-group exchange with Budapest

September 2011: Re-group exchange with Romania, Timișoara

December 2011: Cro-Slo-Austro in Vienna

February 2012: Group exchange with Nottingham and Bristol

March/Apil 2012: Triple-group exchange with Nottingham, Bristol and Serbia in Vienna

April 2012: Re-group exchange with Serbia

April 2012: Group exchange with Romania, Cluj

Veterinary University Vienna

The VUW is the only academic and research institution in Austria that focuses on the veterinary sciences and it's the oldest institution in this field in the German-speaking countries, founded in 1765. Since 1996 the university campus has been located in the 21st district of Vienna. About 1000 employees and 2300 students work on the campus which also houses the university's animal hospital and various spin-off-enterprises and branches of business partners. Our Mission: teaching with care, research with vision and treatment with ambition. The degree program of veterinary medicine takes 6 years divided into three study periods. The fifth year of studies includes clinical rotations, in the sixth year all students have to specialize. The fields of specialization are small animal medicine; equine medicine; ruminant medicine; poultry and swine medicine; food science, public health and health care; conservation medicine and reproductive biotechnology.

The university also provides students apartments, a new sports ground, a riding hall and a nice botanical garden to sit in and relax :)

In 2015 our university will be 250 years old and is going to celebrate this event with a big classical ball!


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27th April – 1st May 2012


At the Winter Symposium in Belgrade, Serbia, with my friend Lukas Huber, president of the IVSA Chapter in Austria I laid the plans for a group exchange in May 2012, the first of the restored Cluj-Napoca Chapter.

After about a month and a half of planning and recruiting I established a team of seven colleagues that would aid me with every aspect of the event. By the time we received our guests we gathered support from our faculty’s dean, the university pro-rector, a number of doctors and the Romanian Small Animal Veterinary Association RoSAVA that provided nearly all our funding.



Friday - 27th April - Arrival -Welcome Dinner

Saturday - 28th April 08:00- Breakfast - Plastic Surgery Workshop - skin flaps and closing up large wounds 15:00- Lunch - Visiting Cluj - City and Museums 20:00- Dinner - Club

Sunday - 29th April - Breakfast - Packed 10:00- Trip to Turda, near Cluj - Visit Salt Mine - Cheile Turzii Reservation Hike - a couple of hours hike - Lunch - Packed Sandwiches

21:00- Dinner – Pasta at the Dormitories

Monday - 30th April 8:00- Breakfast - Visit Faculty 13:00- Lunch - Visit Trivet Clinic - Visit City/Shopping/Free Time 20:00- Traditional Romanian Dinner

Tuesday - 1st May 9:00- Breakfast - Barbeque -Departure


  Guests                                                 Hosts
Lukas Huber				             Patricia Diudea
Cassandra Eibl                                        Cornel Szabo
Andreas Wimmer                                        Petru Nicolae
Ann Katrin Autz 			              Raluca Goroi
Jessica Jackstadt			             Andrada Gliguta
Dorin Gioaba 
Bogdan Maries

The Exchange

Day I – 27th April 2012 We received our guests on the 27th of April guiding them towards Cluj-Napoca and eventually picking them up along the way thanks to the intervention of Bogdan. We housed them in the student dormitories provided by our faculty, in the guest rooms, and supplied them with name tags. They arrived by car from Vienna driving some 700 km in turns. After a chance to freshen up we went downtown to see the center of Cluj by night. We took some group pictures with Mathias Corvinus’ statue (he’s the guy the werewolves and vampires from Underworld are derived from – nerd side note) and then went for a drink in Museum Square finding seats in a packed terrace. For the first dinner we ordered ten pizzas and had a small welcome party at the dormitories.

Day II – 28th April 2012 On Saturday morning we made breakfast for our five guests and then we went to our university for the Plastic Surgery Workshop we organized with the support of Assistant Dr Ciprian Ober, from our Propedeutics Department. The workshop took about five hours and featured a theoretical part and a practical wet lab for which we had acquired a number of material and supplies. It was a great experience as one girl was in her first year and performed her first sutures here. After lunch we visited the Transylvanian Ethnographical Museum and then climbed the St Michael church tower in the middle of the city, which is opened only on special occasions. We enjoyed the vistas and I presented several important parts of the city. From the tower we went for a drink at the Klausen Burger Brewery where they produce their own home made beer. The place is situated at the top floor of a commercial store and like the tower offers a lovely view of the city. After dinner at the university cantina, and some hours of much deserved rest we went to a club called Janis where the fun was just beginning. We had drinks first in the upper part of the place called The Library on a table made from an old piano and a large chandelier and then went downstairs to the cellars to dance till 3 AM.


Day III – Sunday the 29th April 2012 Sunday morning we had a late start around 10 AM, driving to the nearby town of Turda. There we visited the local salt mine, a vast complex containing facilities for tennis, bowling, an amphitheater, a paris-wheel and a lake with boats and docks. Some hours later we resurfaced and went to a natural reservation called Cheile Turzii, where we went hiking. The weather continued to be on our side and we had a relaxing walk exploring the valley to the other side where we stopped for sun-bathing and to munch on the sandwiches we had. We left and headed back before sundown and then drove back to Cluj. For dinner I cooked Bolognese pasta in the dormitories kitchen, not a Romanian dish but well appreciated after a long day walking through nature. To close the evening we went to one of the many bars nearby and celebrated Cassandra’s birthday in Austrian time with songs in three languages.

Day IV – Monday 30th April 2012 Monday morning began with omelets for breakfast and a tour of the faculty, the Emergency Hospital and the Parasitology and Anatomy Museums. From there we went to the Botanical Gardens and after lunch we visited Trivet Clinic, being given a tour by the owner and vice-president of RoSAVA Dr Andrei Timen. Leaving the afternoon free to our guests we met again at the Valahia Restaurant where we organized our traditional Romanian dinner. Our faculty dean, Dr Cornel Catoi, our pro-rector Dr Adrian Oros, Dr Andrei Timen and several colleagues attended that contributed to the whole event. We had three courses, as entrees plateaus with meats, cheeses and vegetables, spicy soups made from a variety of mushrooms, braided pork meat with baked potatoes and as a little surprise for our birthday girl, an entire cake. After diner part of our guests went for a quick drink close to the dormitories.

Day V – Tuesday 1st May 2012

In Romania the 1st of May is Labor Day and to celebrate it everybody goes out to find a spot near a river or a forest and has a barbeque with mititei, pork and chicken and relaxes away from the busy cities. We wanted to share this with our guests so we found a good spot by a stream next to the other thousands from Cluj and spent almost the entire day there chillin’, playing ball games, enjoying the sun. Among other dishes we tried some horse meat mititei that were phenomenal. In the evening we said our goodbyes and exchanged signed country flags with promises to see each other again in Vienna around Christmas 2012. We guided our friends towards the road to the border past the city limits and then a day later I sent their postcards to their friends and family. I believe the exchange was successful and I eagerly await our trip to Vienna.


Written by

Petru Nicolae (IVSA Cluj-Napoca Romania)

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