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Julia Schott (Jr. Exchange Officer): julia.schott@hvu.vetmeduni.ac.at
Julia Schott (Jr. Exchange Officer): julia.schott@hvu.vetmeduni.ac.at


'''Our offers'''
'''Our offers'''

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The IVSA Austria Chapter

... is pretty old! That is to say, we don't really know how old it is ;)

We currently have approximately 120 IVSA members.

Current IVSA positions (2020)

IVSA President: Marie Münzenberger

IVSA Senior EO: Philippe DeSoye

IVSA Junior EO: Julia Schott

Other board members: Marlene Colbow, Julia Graupner, Zoe Lindhorst, Maria Andreeva

We are proud of our really motivated members, who help us carrying out group exchanges. They are all in different years of their studies and therefore we are a very diverse group.

Group exchanges

Every semester the Cro-Slo-Austro-Czech takes place in eather Croatia, Slovenia, Austria or Czech. Meeting every semester for a weekend creates friendships that can last throughout the whole studies or even longer.

We are also organizing at least 2, sometimes even 3 exchanges per year for our members. One of them is our annually and very popular exchange with IVSA Norway (Oslo) for our first-year-students. The highlight is always a trip into the Norwegian woods to spend the night there at the cabin, drinking, talking, having fun and going into the small sauna located next to the cabin. Usually we have 10-12 members for each chapter participating in this exchange, the Norwegians visiting us for 5 days in February and the Austrians going to Oslo during easter break.

For any questions you can always send an E-Mail to

Marie Münzenberger (President): marie.muenzenberger@hvu.vetmeduni.ac.at

Philippe DeSoye (Sr. Exchange Officer): philippe.desoye@hvu.vetmeduni.ac.at

Julia Schott (Jr. Exchange Officer): julia.schott@hvu.vetmeduni.ac.at


Our offers

A big, state of the art university in the heart of Europe

Accomodation, typical Austrian food and culture

Sightseeing and a look behind the scenes

Workshops in the day, going out at night

Nice hosts and fabulous cooks caring for you :)

Our expectations

Give-and-take basis

Getting to know the country/city and people

At least one veterinary medicine related activity

Latest group exchanges

IVSA Norway, IVSA Poznan, IVSA Naples, IVSA Grenada, IVSA Nepal, IVSA Glasgow, IVSA Nantes, IVSA Thessaloniki

Veterinary University Vienna

The VUW is the only academic and research institution in Austria that focuses on the veterinary sciences and it's the oldest institution in this field in the German-speaking countries, founded in 1765. Since 1996 the university campus has been located in the 21st district of Vienna. About 1000 employees and 2300 students work on the campus which also houses the university's animal hospital and various spin-off-enterprises and branches of business partners. Our Mission: teaching with care, research with vision and treatment with ambition. The degree program of veterinary medicine takes 6 years divided into three study periods. The fifth year of studies includes clinical rotations, in the sixth year all students have to specialize. The fields of specialization are small animal medicine; equine medicine; ruminant medicine; poultry and swine medicine; food science, public health and health care; conservation medicine and reproductive biotechnology.

The university also provides students apartments, a new sports ground, a riding hall and a nice botanical garden to sit in and relax :)

In 2015 our university turned 250 years and the anniversary was celebrated with a big classical ball - very Viennese!