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The IVSA Manuals contain much more detailed information about IVSA than that contained in the Constitution and Bylaws, and they are not binding in the same way as those documents, so they are much more flexible, and should be updated annually by the ExCo around the time of handover.

The Secretary General is responsible for updating the IVSA Member Manuals, with the exception of the MO EO Manual, which should be updated by the MOD.

The Secretary General is responsible for updating the GA Manual, the Decisions Made by the GA Manual, and General Information about subjects not covered by the Constitution or Bylaws.

The MOD is responsible for updating the OC Manuals.

The Committee Coordinator is responsible for updating the Committees and Groups Manual, with the exception of the Election Committee Manual, which should be updated by the Secretary General.

Each ExCo member is responsible for updating their own ExCo position Manual, the Secretary General is responsible for updating the Secretariat Manual (with the Secretariat), and the Trust is responsible for updating the Trust Manual.

The Secretary General is overall responsible for coordinating updates to the Manuals.

When updating these Manuals, they should be written in third person, and kept as general as possible (mentions of specific years should be avoided in most situations, and specific handover information that will only be relevant for the next ExCo should not go into the Manuals).

IVSA Member Manuals

Manuals for all IVSA members to read to understand more about IVSA, including an introduction to "General Assemblies" at Symposium or Congress.

General Assembly (GA) Manual

Some more details on the GA, mainly of use to the ExCo, Election Committee, Chairman and Parliamentarian.

IVSA Online Attendance Manual

Detailed information on how to run online attendance of official meetings.

IVSA ExCo, Secretariat and Trust Manuals

Detailed information on each ExCo position, on the Secretariat and on the Trust, mainly to help these bodies, and also for people interested in running for a specific position.

Committees and Groups Manual

Includes the Election Committee, and the various Standing Committees of IVSA.

Organizing Committee (OC) Manuals

A Manual for Organizing Committees of any event, and an additional Manual for elected or prospective hosts of Symposium or Congress

Decisions Made by the GA Manual

Information on recent decision made by the GA, including maximum Congress and Symposium fees, the base factor for calculating Membership fees, and the Individual Supportive Member fee.

General Information about Subjects not Covered by the Constitution or Bylaws

Contains the IVSA Corporate Identity Manual, Legal Information about the Association and a note on Honorary Life Members.

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