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===[[IVSA Algeria]]===
===[[IVSA Algeria]]===
===[[IVSA Austria]]===
===[[IVSA Austria]]===
== Our Chapter: ==
At the moment our committee exist of 7 members:
* President: Dominique Flipse
* senior EO: Sigrid Smets
* junior EO: Carine van Acker
* secretary: Victoria Depoorter
* treasurer: Charlotte Waegeman
* event manager: Joy Cleymans
* sponsoring: Victoria Tuellman
We are still a growing chapter so we haven’t done many local activities.
== Group exchanges: ==
Each year, we do 2 exchanges:
* 1 inside of Europe
* 1 outside of Europe
All students of our faculty can join from second year.
We offer a mix of cultural events (Ghent,Brussels,Bruges,…) , veterinary development (at our university but also outside the clinic) , fun (cantus (which is a typical singing-drinking event), Ghent festival during summer,…)
The amount of people is 10-15 each time so the group is not too big but still give enough people the opportunity to join an adventure.
Previous exchanges:
2015-2016: Poland (Krakow); Grenada
2014-2015: Norway; South Africa
2013-2014: Austria; Malaysia (UMP) => exchange with the 3 countries together: winner of the price of best exchange
2012-2013: Czech Republic
2011-2012: Greece
== Individual exchanges: ==
Most important: applications have to reach us at least 6 months in advance!
It is possible to come for 2-6 weeks.
A bit of clinical experience is required before we can accept someone.
* Small animal department @ Ghent university
* Horses @ EquiTom (good resume is required)
* ruminants is not possible at our university for exchanges. We are looking for private vets.
== Our university: ==
Since 1996 our campus is situated entirely at Merelbeke, a town next to Ghent. Before it was in Ghent itself but it became too small and there were no possibilities to expand.
The new campus has a remarkable uniform structure, in which all functional types of buildings, i.e. offices, laboratories, clinics, lecture rooms, administrative units and stables correspond with each other and it is still expanding. Both our research departments and our clinical departments are very known for their excellent work and knowledge and we have the newest equipment necessary for specialised work. We even have an own restaurant for students, professors, assistants,…
At the moment we are with 1561 students. We all have 6 years of education (3 years of Bachelor and 3 years of Master) before we can call ourselves veterinarians. The first years is all about the basics like how does a living animal works and how does it look like from the inside. As the years pass, we are dropped in the clinics were we help out colleagues from further years to know how the clinics work so we know how to do the right things that we need in our final year where we are alone with the patients under supervision of the interns and specialists.
===[[IVSA Bosnia and Herzegovina]]===
===[[IVSA Bosnia and Herzegovina]]===
===[[IVSA China]]===
===[[IVSA China]]===

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IVSA in the World

Member Organizations of IVSA are located all over the globe, each composed of extremely active members, sharing ideas and cultures throughout the year. The differences in cultures and various curriculums make all IVSA experiences rich and unique, but we all share the same passion for IVSA.

The IVSA is an apolitical, associative student organization. As such, Member Organizations are recognized by a simple majority vote at IVSA General Assemblies. Member Organizations are thus recognized independent of the de facto or de jure status of the territory in which they are based.

Member list

IVSA Algeria

IVSA Austria

IVSA Bosnia and Herzegovina

IVSA China

IVSA Croatia

IVSA Czech Republic, Brno

IVSA Denmark

IVSA Egypt

IVSA Estonia

IVSA Finland

IVSA France, Alfort

IVSA France, Lyon

IVSA France, Toulouse

IVSA Germany

IVSA Greece, Thessaloniki

IVSA Greece, Thessaly

IVSA Hungary

IVSA India

IVSA Indonesia

INDONESIA Indonesia is a country in Southeast Asia. Situated between the Indian and Pacific Ocean, it is the largest island country, with more than thirteen thousand islands. It has an estimated population of over 258 million people and is the world's fourth most populous country as well as the most populous Muslim majority country. The world's most populous island of Java contains more than half of the country's population. Indonesia has 34 provinces, of which five have Special Administrative status. Its capital city is Jakarta. The country shares land borders with Papua New Guinea, East Timor, and Malaysia. Indonesia is a founding member of ASEAN and a member of the G-20 major economies.

About IVSA Indonesia (IMAKAHI): IVSA Indonesia (IMAKAHI) was founded in East Java, March 21st 1983. IVSA Indonesia (IMAKAHI) was listed to be one of the members of IVSA on 2010. Our Faculties: There are 11 universities in Indonesia having Veterinary Medicine as their major. - University of Brawijaya (Malang) - Airlangga University (Surabaya) - Udayana University (Denpasar, Bali) - Syiah Kuala University (Aceh) - GadjahMada University (Yogyakarta) - Hassanudin University (Makassar) - Bogor Agricultural University (Bogor) - WijayaKusuma University (Surabaya) - Nusa Cendana University (Kupang) - West Nusa Tenggara University (Mataram) - Padjajaran University (Bandung)

The current IVSA positions occupied: President of IVSA Indonesia (IMAKAHI): SancakaChasyer R. Head Department of Public Relation (Head Exchange Officer): M. UlinNuha Public Relation Staff (Exchange Officer Trust): BerlianWidanti Public Relation Staff (Exchange Officer Junior): Lady KonfideniaChintari Public Relation Staff (Exchange Officer Secretary): M. FebryanAbiyyuRifansa

Some of the IVSA Events we've done in Indonesia: - IVSA Indonesia – Korea – Swiss – Malaysia – Taiwan Group Exchange Program 2012 - IVSA Indonesia – Japan Group Exchange Program 2013 - 63rd IVSA Congress in Indonesia 2014 - IVSA Indonesia Group Exchange Program 2015 - IVSA Indonesia Event Week 2016

What can you get in Indonesia? Every year, IVSA Indonesia will hold exchange programs(unless there will be another IVSA events such as congress, conference or symposium held in Indonesia). And what did you expect from IVSA group exchanges program in Indonesia? The culture? Beautiful places? Or food?! Let’s take a look! 1. Indonesia has the most number of islands in the world. And there are all beautiful.


Who like to swim? Getting a tan skin? Playing around the beach? Indonesia is the right answer. Every group exchange programs held in Indonesia always put ‘beach time’ in the itinerary, it becomes a routine. That’s just because there are too many beautiful islands in Indonesia that you must see! 2. Delicious food all over the country.

The spices coming from padang rice. The freshness coming from sotoLamongan. The sweet yet savory taste coming from chicken satay.And the sweet, fresh and delicate dessert coming from escampur. Who can resist the beauty of all these food? I can’t.

3. Unique cultures you don’t want to miss.

Kecak is a form of Balinese dance and music drama that was developed in the 1930s in Bali, Indonesia.

Jaipongan is a genre of dance that was born from the creativity of an artist from Bandung, Gugum Gumbira.


IVSA Italy, Neapoli

IVSA Japan

IVSA Kosovo

IVSA Selangor, Malaysia

IVSA Kelantan, Malaysia

IVSA Netherlands

IVSA Nigeria, Abuja

IVSA Nigeria, Ibadan

IVSA Nepal

IVSA Norway

IVSA Palestine

IVSA Philippines

IVSA Poland, Lisbon

IVSA Poland, Lublin

IVSA Poland, Olsztyn

IVSA Poland, Poznan

IVSA Poland, Warsaw

IVSA Poland, Wroclaw

IVSA Portugal, Porto

IVSA Romania, Bucharest

IVSA Romania, Cluj-Napoca

IVSA Romania, Timisoara

IVSA Russia, St. Petersburg

IVSA Serbia, Belgrade

IVSA Slovakia

IVSA Slovenia

IVSA South Africa

IVSA South Korea

IVSA Thailand

IVSA Tunisia

IVSA Turkey, Samsun

IVSA Turkey,Kırıkkale