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===[IVSA Turkey,Kırıkkale]===                                             
===[IVSA Turkey,Kırıkkale]===                                             
[[File:ivsa logo (protea flat).jpg|center|upright=2.0]]
[[File:ivsa logo (protea flat).jpg|center|upright=2.0]]
= Group Exchanges =
* Our holidays:
We have three times a year during which we can either host an exchange or take part in one overseas:
:: A very short 10 day break at the end of April
:: A 2 week break at the beginning of July (winter in SA)
:: Mid November and December (summer holidays).
* We can normally host up to ten exchange students and ten of our own students making the group total thirty.
* We generally try to raise all the funds for the South African leg of the exchange and it is then expected that the country we are exchanging with will raise the funds for their leg of the exchange, each exchange is different however.
* Exchanges usually last between ten days and two weeks.
* We are happy to exchange with 2 countries/faculties simultaneously if the itinerary will allow it (i.e. 5 students from Netherlands and 5 from Belgium on one exchange)
* We need to know 1 year in advance to organise an exchange.
* Our exchanges are generally a massive South African road trip, exploring our many World heritage sites, getting in touch with wildlife, swimming on our stunning beaches as well as the opportunity to give a little back to the community by taking part in a community veterinary clinic....... all of this is peppered with the veterinary education and lectures at our University as well as at many of the places we visit (crocodile farm, elephant sanctuary, cheetah sanctuary etc).
* So feel free to contact us to organise an exchange as we love to explore the wanders of the world and enjoy introducing people to ours!

= Meet The Committee =  
= Meet The Committee =  

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IVSA in the World


Member Organizations of IVSA are located all over the globe, each composed of extremely active members, sharing ideas and cultures throughout the year. The differences in cultures and various curriculums make all IVSA experiences rich and unique, but we all share the same passion for IVSA.

The IVSA is an apolitical, associative student organization. As such, Member Organizations are recognized by a simple majority vote at IVSA General Assemblies. Member Organizations are thus recognized independent of the de facto or de jure status of the territory in which they are based.

Member list

IVSA Algeria

IVSA Austria

IVSA Ghent, Belgium

IVSA Bosnia and Herzegovina

IVSA China

IVSA Croatia

IVSA Czech Republic, Brno

IVSA Denmark

IVSA Egypt

IVSA Finland

IVSA France, Alfort

IVSA France, Lyon

IVSA France, Toulouse

IVSA Germany

IVSA Greece, Thessaloniki

IVSA Greece, Thessaly

IVSA Hungary

IVSA India

IVSA Indonesia


IVSA Italy, Neapoli

IVSA Japan

IVSA Kosovo

IVSA Selangor, Malaysia

IVSA Kelantan, Malaysia

IVSA Netherlands

IVSA Nigeria, Abuja

IVSA Nigeria, Ibadan

IVSA Nepal

Current IVSA positions

President : Yuvraj Panth

EO : Bishnu Hari Sharma

IVSA Norway

IVSA Palestine

IVSA Philippines

IVSA Poland, Lisbon

IVSA Poland, Lublin

IVSA Poland, Olsztyn

IVSA Poland, Poznan

IVSA Poland, Warsaw

IVSA Poland, Wroclaw

IVSA Portugal, Porto

IVSA Romania, Cluj-Napoca

IVSA Romania, Timisoara

IVSA Russia, St. Petersburg

IVSA Serbia, Belgrade

IVSA Slovenia

IVSA South Africa

IVSA Thailand

IVSA Turkey, Samsun

[IVSA Turkey,Kırıkkale]

Ivsa logo (protea flat).jpg

Meet The Committee

President : Aqil Jeenah

Vice President / Exchange Officer : Sone Pretorius

Exchange Officer Assistant : Ivan Kotze, Priyanka Gounden

Treasurer : Amy Oldfield

Community Outreach and VB4A Representative : Jessica Jane Borrageiro

Animal Welfare : Patricia Edwards

Local Veterinary Public Health Officer

Secretary : Este Stolz

Secretariat : Saadiya Asmal, Henry Cloete, Lara Murray, Luana Ungerer

Contact Us


[http://ivsasaop.wix.com/ivsasa IVSA South Africa]

[http://https://www.facebook.com/pages/IVSA-South-Africa/180324498700415?ref=aymt_homepage_panel IVSA South Africa]