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* So feel free to contact us to organise an exchange as we love to explore the wanders of the world and enjoy introducing people to ours!
* So feel free to contact us to organise an exchange as we love to explore the wanders of the world and enjoy introducing people to ours!

= Meet The Committee =  
= Meet The Committee =  

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IVSA in the World


Member Organizations of IVSA are located all over the globe, each composed of extremely active members, sharing ideas and cultures throughout the year. The differences in cultures and various curriculums make all IVSA experiences rich and unique, but we all share the same passion for IVSA.

The IVSA is an apolitical, associative student organization. As such, Member Organizations are recognized by a simple majority vote at IVSA General Assemblies. Member Organizations are thus recognized independent of the de facto or de jure status of the territory in which they are based.

Member list

IVSA Algeria

IVSA Austria

IVSA Ghent, Belgium

IVSA Bosnia and Herzegovina

IVSA China

IVSA Czech Republic, Brno

IVSA Denmark

Denmark is one the earliest founded IVSA organizaations. IVSA Denmark was founded in 1951.

IVSA-denmark, has currently XX registered members throughout the veterinary faculty.

The current IVSA positions occupied:

President: Janne Rosenfeldt Olesen vice-president: Cahtrine Morell EO-Senior: Julie Lass EO-junior: Leon Jacobsen Treasurer: Anne Skovvang Juul Jespersen Secretary: Nina Schmidt

IVSA-Denmark, has its headquarters in Copenhagen, at the University of Copenhagen, where the only veterinary faculty in Denmark also has its place.

IVSA-Denmark doesn't have a local member organization. Instead the students apply for a specific exchange and the participants themselves helps with the planning of the exchange.

Some of the group Exchanges We've done: 2012: IVSA-Denmark/IVSA-Grenada 2012/2013: IVSA-Denmark/IVSA-Norway 2013/2014: IVSA-Denmark/IVSA-Flortida 2014: IVSA-Denmark/IVSA-France, Alfort 2014: IVSA-Denmark/IVSA-Budapest 2015: IVSA-Denmark/IVSA-Zürich

We try to arrange atleast one big exchange(10 perticipants for about 7-10 days) and one small exchange(8 participants for about 5-7 days) a year.

What can You expect on exchanges in Denmark:

Vet related.

Our small animal hospital. Witch has been renovated to a brand new and fancy hospital in 2011.


Our large animal hospital. The hospital used to be in the centre of Copenhagen and was small and old, but in 2008 the new big hospital opened a bit outside of Copenhagen. Therefore this is also very fancy and with brand new equipment. Example2.jpg

Novo Nordisk. A big medicine company making insulin (invented in Denmark). They have a lot of experiential animals and are famous for there good care of them.


Pig farms. In Denmark we have about 12.800.000 slaughter pigs, and about 5.600.000 people. So we are famous for our production and export. Therefore we have a lot of pig farms.


Viking Genetics. A world known danish company for it's highly valuated knowledge in genetics, distributing top quality semen to cattle productions all across the globe.


Culture related.

Kopenhagen Fur. Denmark is famous for Mink skins in a very high standard. This I due to the strict legislation about mink care in Denmark. Kopenhagen fur is the company that processors all the skins and auction them to all over the world. Example6.jpg

Christiania is a self-proclaimed autonomous neighbourhood in the centre of Copenhagen. And until 2004 the only place in Denmark witch freely sold hash.


Amailenborg. The queens palace. We have the oldest royal family in the world.


Nyhavn (New harbour). Very famous and have a long history. Sailors from all over the world coming to Copenhagen used to know this harbour for it’s beers and a girls. ;-) Today it’s a bit more fancy place to get a nice meal. But very popular among young people.


And of course there is plenty of other stuff to do and see, and we promise you to make it a phenomenal program. :-D If you have any requests, please let us know. Looking forward to show you our country!

Individual Exchanges When applying for individual exchanges in Denmark, English is a must. Neither our IVSA organisation or the university offers dorms, sadly! We canøt offer internships at our university, though the univeristy itself has a splendid programme made easy to apply through. The Erasmus programme it's called, and here is a link to get you started: http://studies.ku.dk/

Local acticities Dogwash: an event where regular people from the nabourhood gets a cheap dog wash. The money is donated to different animal organizations. Smediefest: Our annual festival, for the entire fuculty, with 500+ attendens every year. Membership meetings: quarterly a year, we host a meeting for all members. Each meetings has a specifik aggenda, as one is for delegating scholarships to certain students which has brought back acedemic relevance from their travelings. Another is where we advertise the possibilities of traveling through IVSA - a good event for those needing inspiration.

If you wish to know more about IVSA Denmark, visit our webpage: http://ivsa-denmark.dk/

Contact: Specific EO related(e.g. exchanges): eo.ivsa.dk@gmail.com Main IVSA: ivsadenmark@gmail.com

IVSA Egypt

IVSA Finland

IVSA France, Alfort

IVSA France, Lyon

IVSA France, Toulouse

IVSA Germany

IVSA Greece, Thessaloniki

IVSA Greece, Thessaly

IVSA Hungary

IVSA India

IVSA Indonesia


IVSA Italy, Neapoli

IVSA Japan

IVSA Kosovo

IVSA Selangor, Malaysia

IVSA Kelantan, Malaysia

IVSA Netherlands

IVSA Nigeria, Abuja

IVSA Nigeria, Ibadan

IVSA Nepal

IVSA Norway

IVSA Palestine

IVSA Philippines

IVSA Poland, Lisbon

IVSA Poland, Lublin

IVSA Poland, Olsztyn

IVSA Poland, Poznan

IVSA Poland, Warsaw

IVSA Poland, Wroclaw

IVSA Portugal, Porto

IVSA Romania, Cluj-Napoca

IVSA Romania, Timisoara

IVSA Russia, St. Petersburg

IVSA Serbia, Belgrade

IVSA Slovenia

IVSA South Africa

Ivsa logo (protea flat).jpg

About us

IVSA South Africa is based at the University of Pretoria, Faculty of Veterinary Science. This is the only faculty in South Africa that offers Veterinary Science as a degree. We are a bunch of bright, young and active students who aim to connect South African Veterinary Students with those of the rest of the world and learning as much from each other as we possibly can.. We are a very active Chapter with 140 members currently and growing. Our chapter is very focused on community outreach programmes and the One Health concept. We interact very actively with a Community Veterinary Clinic, where Veterinary Services are provided free of charge.

Our Faculty

ONDERSTEPOORTlogo.jpg  Op uni logo.jpg

Our Faculty is located in Pretoria, which is the capital of South Africa. Our Campus is isolated from the university's main campus and it's situated on a farm-like setup. We are roughly 30 kilometers from Main Campus. Our campus is very isolated and because of the farm area, encompasses the beauty of South Africa We have some of the best facilities in our Country. we have an Academic hospital where the students are trained and lectured by our country's finest Veterinarians and Researchers. On our campus we have many animals that are used for the purposes of learning. We have Cattle, Sheep, Goats, Horses, Dogs, Cats and Donkeys. Our residences are on the same grounds as the campus and are roughly 500 metres from each other. Cycling and Walking to class are the norm for us. Most students are based in the residences or live very close by.

Our City

IMG 0330.jpg

Pretoria is The Capital of South Africa and is worldwide known as the Jacaranda city. Every year around Spring time it is the most beautiful sight to drive through our city. it is named after Voortrekker leader Andries Pretorius. We also have the Voortrekker Monument which is iconic and encapsulates South Africa's history beautifully. We are very centrally located and are close to the major cities and the Union Buildings which is iconic for Pretoria.

Individual Exchanges

Option one: going through the University of Pretoria

  • Apply at least 6 months in advance
  • IVSA has no control over whether you are accepted or not and can’t take responsibility for the student administration department of the University of Pretoria.
  • Accommodation in our dorms charge a fee of R100/day (approximately €10)
  • Our hospital provides opportunities in:
Small animal medicine
Production animals
Equine medicine and surgery
Our exotic clinic is a separate private clinic within the hospital
  • There are also opportunities for post graduate students to participate in various research projects taking place in our departments:
Anatomy and Physiology
Companion Animal Clinical Studies
Paraclinical Sciences
Production Animal Studies
Veterinary Tropical Diseases
  • The selection process is thorough as we have limited space and students with previous clinical experience who are finishing off their degree have a better chance of getting in.

Option 2: Placement with a Private vet, Zoo or Wildlife Sanctuary

  • We have number of very good private veterinary clinics who are willing to take on eager but experienced student volunteers, accommodation and food have to be organised separately in many cases (we try our best to get the most affordable accommodation possible.)
  • Most clinics are either small animal, equine or mixed. Livestock vets are mobile and travel to farms.
  • Wildlife vets are scarce, busy and they charge a hefty fee (€50 – 100/day)!!!!
  • Wildlife work is very hands on and physical, so be prepared!
  • An option for students who are very interested in wildlife is to place them in a wildlife rehabilitation centre (they also charge similar fees) where they participate in day to running of the facility as well as the veterinary aspect of caring for the animals and possibly some game capture when bringing in new animals.
  • Wildlife work is variable, days of heavy work may be interspersed with quiet days. Some Parks board vets sometimes have nothing to do for 2 weeks at a time – it is not guaranteed that you will take part in game capture or work with the wildlife
  • We try to keep the length of exchanges to four weeks maximum, especially when dealing with private vets. Our Hospital does however take on students for a longer period of time if they are part a research project that runs over a few months.
  • Due to the large number of individual exchange enquiries we receive, IVSA South Africa have decided to try and limit the number of individual exchanges to ten per year, five wildlife and five private placements as exchanges take a lot of time to organise. This is not a fixed number and may vary according to circumstance.
  • Often the cheaper accommodation is further away and it is an advantage if one can drive – public transport is not reliable and often not safe for foreigners. We suggest that staying in the accommodation provided by the zoo/private vet is advisable (even if it is a bit more expensive) for this reason.
  • uShaka Marine World in Durban has one opening a year with the vet that works there. Must be a maximum of 4 weeks and a minimum of 2 weeks.
  • Please be aware that the rural and small town vets, even if they are specialized in one species, often deal with companion, exotic, equine, production and wildlife work in varying degrees.

Group Exchanges

FB IMG 1428143724067.jpg

  • Our holidays:

We have three times a year during which we can either host an exchange or take part in one overseas:

A very short 10 day break at the end of April
A 2 week break at the beginning of July (winter in SA)
Mid November and December (summer holidays).
  • We can normally host up to ten exchange students and ten of our own students making the group total thirty.
  • We generally try to raise all the funds for the South African leg of the exchange and it is then expected that the country we are exchanging with will raise the funds for their leg of the exchange, each exchange is different however.
  • Exchanges usually last between ten days and two weeks.
  • We are happy to exchange with 2 countries/faculties simultaneously if the itinerary will allow it (i.e. 5 students from Netherlands and 5 from Belgium on one exchange)
  • We need to know 1 year in advance to organise an exchange.
  • Our exchanges are generally a massive South African road trip, exploring our many World heritage sites, getting in touch with wildlife, swimming on our stunning beaches as well as the opportunity to give a little back to the community by taking part in a community veterinary clinic....... all of this is peppered with the veterinary education and lectures at our University as well as at many of the places we visit (crocodile farm, elephant sanctuary, cheetah sanctuary etc).
  • So feel free to contact us to organise an exchange as we love to explore the wanders of the world and enjoy introducing people to ours!

Meet The Committee

President : Aqil Jeenah

Vice President / Exchange Officer : Sone Pretorius

Exchange Officer Assistant : Ivan Kotze, Priyanka Gounden

Treasurer : Amy Oldfield

Community Outreach and VB4A Representative : Jessica Jane Borrageiro

Animal Welfare : Patricia Edwards

Local Veterinary Public Health Officer

Secretary : Este Stolz

Secretariat : Saadiya Asmal, Henry Cloete, Lara Murray, Luana Ungerer

Contact Us


[http://ivsasaop.wix.com/ivsasa IVSA South Africa]