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===[[IVSA Selangor, Malaysia]]===
===[[IVSA Selangor, Malaysia]]===
===[[IVSA Kelantan, Malaysia]]===
===[[IVSA Kelantan, Malaysia]]===
===[[IVSA Mexico, Torreon]]===
===[[IVSA Morocco]]===
===[[IVSA Morocco]]===
===[[IVSA Namibia]]===
===[[IVSA Namibia]]===

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IVSA in the World

Member Organizations of IVSA are located all over the globe, each composed of extremely active members, sharing ideas and cultures throughout the year. The differences in cultures and various curriculums make all IVSA experiences rich and unique, but we all share the same passion for IVSA.

The IVSA is an apolitical, associative student organization. As such, Member Organizations are recognized by a simple majority vote at IVSA General Assemblies. Member Organizations are thus recognized independent of the de facto or de jure status of the territory in which they are based.

Member Organizations

IVSA Algeria, Algiers

IVSA Algeria, Batna

IVSA Australia, Queensland

IVSA Australia, South Australia

IVSA Austria

IVSA Bangladesh

IVSA Belgium, Ghent

IVSA Brazil, Bélem


IVSA Cameroun, Ngaoundéré

IVSA China

IVSA Colombia

IVSA Croatia

IVSA Czech Republic, Brno

IVSA Denmark

IVSA Egypt

IVSA El Salvador

IVSA Estonia

IVSA Finland

IVSA France

IVSA Germany

IVSA Ghana, Kumasi

IVSA Greece, Thessaloniki

IVSA Greece, Thessaly

IVSA Hungary

IVSA Indonesia


IVSA Iraq, Duhok

IVSA Iraq, Sulaymaniyah

IVSA Italy, Bologna

IVSA Italy, Milan

IVSA Italy, Naples

IVSA Italy, Teramo

IVSA Japan

IVSA Kosovo

IVSA Kyrgyzstan

IVSA Macedonia

IVSA Madagascar

IVSA Selangor, Malaysia

IVSA Kelantan, Malaysia

IVSA Mexico, Torreon

IVSA Morocco

IVSA Namibia

IVSA Nepal

IVSA Netherlands


IVSA Nigeria, UDUS

IVSA Norway

IVSA Pakistan

IVSA Palestine

IVSA Philippines

IVSA Poland, Lublin

IVSA Poland, Olsztyn

IVSA Poland, Poznan

IVSA Poland, Warsaw

IVSA Poland, Wroclaw

IVSA Portugal

IVSA Romania, Bucharest

IVSA Romania, Cluj-Napoca

IVSA Romania, Timisoara

IVSA Russia, St. Petersburg

IVSA Serbia, Belgrade

IVSA Slovakia

IVSA Slovenia

IVSA South Africa

IVSA South Korea

IVSA Spain, Barcelona

IVSA Spain, Madrid

IVSA Spain, Zaragoza

IVSA Switzerland, Bern

IVSA Switzerland, Zurich

IVSA Taiwan

IVSA Thailand

IVSA Tunisia

IVSA Turkey, Afyon

IVSA Turkey, Ankara

IVSA Turkey, Aydin

IVSA Turkey, Bursa

IVSA Turkey, Istanbul

IVSA Turkey, Samsun

IVSA Turkey,Konya

IVSA Ukraine

IVSA UK & Ireland


IVSA Zambia

IVSA Zimbabwe