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About Us

IVSA Italy (International Veterinary Students' association of Italy) was founded in Rome, on September 26th, 2020, and officially accepted during the 69th IVSA Symposium online SGA, on February 28th, 2021. The association has its registered office in Via del Tritone 125, Rome, at FNOVI (National Federation of Italian Veterinary Orders).

The Association is non-political and non-profit. It pursues cultural and recreational purposes and is inspired by the principles of IVSA, whose values ​​and mission it shares.

Bodies of the Association

The Bodies of the Association are: The General Assembly; The Board; The Trustees.

The General Assembly

The General Assembly is the fundamental moment of discussion, designed to ensure proper management of the Association and is made up of all the members present there. Each Italian Local Chapter has two votes to be able to express their preferences at the General Assembly.

The Board

The Board is composed of the following offices: President, Vice President and External Relations Officer (ERO), Exchange Officer (EO), Secretary General, Treasurer, Public Relations Coordinator (PRC), Secretaries, and Local Representatives.

The members of the Board are elected by the General Assembly and their office lasts for one year.

2020 - 2021 Board: President: Matteo Carnevale (IVSA Teramo); Vice-President and ERO: Luciana Cozzolino (IVSA Naples); Exchange Officer: Michele D'Antonio (IVSA Naples); Secretary General: Anna Lauciello (IVSA Milan); Treasurer: Caterina Piantoni (IVSA Milan); PR Coordinator: Pietro Toniolo (IVSA Camerino)

2021 - 2022 Board: President: Davide Galanti (IVSA Milan); Vice-President and ERO: Susanna Salvatori (IVSA Bologna); Exchange Officer: Matteo Carnevale (IVSA teramo); Secretary General: Anna Lauciello (IVSA Milan); Treasurer: Edoardo Buffa (IVSA Milan); PR Coordinator: Camilla Filipponi (IVSA Camerino)

2022-2023 Board:

President: Alessio Settembrino (IVSA Sassari)

Vice-President and ERO: Sergio Minesso (IVSA Parma)

Exchange Officer: Marta Masserdotti (IVSA Milan)

Secretary General: Martina Gavezzoli (IVSA Parma)

Treasurer: Linda Ucci (IVSA Milan)

PR Coordinator: Chiara Muollo (IVSA Camerino)

The Trustees

They are members of IVSA Italy or IVSA Alumni who have held a position within IVSA at a local, national or international level in the past. They help the IVSA Italy Board with their experience.

2021-2022: Agata Campione (IVSA Teramo); Luciana Cozzolino (IVSA Naples); Michele D'Antonio (IVSA Naples); Vincenzo Gaita (IVSA Naples); Pietro Toniolo (IVSA Camerino)

2022-2023: Matteo Carnevale (IVSA Teramo), Luciana Cozzolino (IVSA Naples); Davide Galanti (IVSA Milan), Elena Grignani (IVSA Torino), Susanna Salvatori (IVSA Bologna)

Local Chapters

IVSA Italy is composed of eleven Local Chapters.

IVSA Bologna

IVSA Bologna has been established in 2017 is one of the 6 founding Local Chapters of IVSA Italy. Our office is in the university's building.

About the University

Do you know Alma Mater Studiorum, the oldest university on the planet? It is located in Bologna since 1088. Although the Alma Mater Studiorum - Università degli Studi di Bologna is located in the city centre, the Department of Veterinary Medicine is based in Ozzano dell'Emilia, a town between Bologna and Imola. The University has a very modern didactic hospital and a stable. Students may go in these places to deepen in some aspects of the Veterinary world joining a professor. The students are strictly supervised by the teachers in order to obtain a better education. It has received the EAEVE certification (first course in Italy that received this certification), moreover there are a lot of possibilities to study abroad.

About the City

Bologna is located in Northen Italy, and is one of the most important and iconic cities in the country and in the world. Bologna is famous for its colorful buildings and its arcades that can be used to go through all the city even if it's raining cats and dogs. When you walk all along its ways you can rest in one of the typical restaurants and enjoy the local dishes. So famous is the "Bolognese sauce", but don't go up in the two Asinelli's towers until you are graduated or you won't get your graduation!

About the Region

Bologna is located in one of the biggest region of Italy: Emilia Romagna.

It goes from one seaside to almost the other one and it collects a lot of different traditions. The automobile production is very important, for example Lamborghini's and Ferrari's cars are made here! Emilia - Romagna has a lot of popular cities along the coast such as Rimini and Riccione. A lot of international stars were born here, like Federico Fellini, Pier Paolo Pasolini, Luciano Pavarotti and Raffaella Carrà. In our region you can find many of sport clubs, in particular of football, volleyball and basketball. There are two international race circuits too. But all Emilia Romagna has one thing in common: the love for delicious food! Emilia Romagna is well known for fresh pasta and Parmigiano Reggiano, a cheese famous all over the world.

IVSA Camerino

IVSA Messina

IVSA Milan

IVSA Milan was established in 2015, and is one of the six founder of IVSA Italy.

About the University:

The Faculty of Veterinary Medicine of the University of Milan is now located in Lodi, 30 km from Milan.

Exchange opportunities:

If you're in interested in having an exchange with us, please contact our national Exchange Officer.

You can take a look of our previous exchanges here (insert link) or by contacting our local EO!

Contact us:

e-mail: ivsaitaly.milan@ivsamo.org

Instagram: ivsa.milan (https://instagram.com/ivsa.milan?igshid=YmMyMTA2M2Y=)

Facebook: IVSA Milan (https://www.facebook.com/ivsamilan)

IVSA Naples

IVSA Padova

IVSA Parma

IVSA Perugia

IVSA Sassari

IVSA Teramo

IVSA Torino

Contact us

email address: ivsaitaly@ivsamo.org

website: https://ivsaitaly.wordpress.com/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ivsaitaly

instagram: https://www.instagram.com/ivsaitaly/