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Ideally before being nominated for an ExCo position, and certainly after being elected to such a position, the Officer should familiarise themselves with the Constitution and Bylaws of IVSA, and with the relevant Manual(s) to their position.

In order to be considered suitable for nomination for a position on the ExCo or Secretariat, the member should have sufficient English language skills to communicate effectively with the other members of the IVSA governing entities. This is because English is the official language of IVSA and it is the language in which all official ExCo and Secretariat communication is in. English language skills should therefore be considered necessary for all nominees. Other language skills, while they may be useful, are optional.

All ExCo members should seek advice on problems they encounter from the Trust, as the Trust is an advisory body which has experience to support the ExCo. Personal contact with the Trust is encouraged in the case of difficulties.

This position was created at the 63rd Congress in Indonesia and was run for as a “Member of ExCo” position.

After the handover meeting at Congress, the outgoing and incoming Committee Coordinators, along with the Committee Chairs, President-Elect and President, should have a meeting. The suggested agenda for this meeting is in the President-Elect Manual.


  • To serve as the primary contact between the Committees and ExCo, external partners, and the other respective Committees.
  • Responsible for developing initial contacts and directing them to the appropriate Committee.
  • Responsible for taking ideas and opportunities developed by other members of ExCo and directing them to the appropriate Committee
  • Responsible for relaying the activities of and any updates from the Committees to the ExCo (although Committee Chairs can and should give their own reports at ExCo meetings, if they are available).
  • Relay any requests to the Ex-Co made by a Committee
  • Serve as a supporting resource for the Committee Chairs. Be available to help them resolve problems, think through ideas, and provide support, counsel, motivation and accountability
  • Participate in Committee meetings when possible, or at least be provided with minutes and have a follow up discussion with the Chair.
  • Assist the Committees in allocating resources and materials for projects. Help the Committee Chairs reach MOs to coordinate local projects (via the MOD).
  • Assist the Committees in following the structure and guidelines as laid out in the Committee Manuals, and take responsibility for the updating of said Manuals (in collaboration with the SG). *Help create attainable and tangible goals and help ensure tasks are clearly delegated and held to deadlines.
  • Work with the ExCo to come up with proposals for the GA to create other Committees in response to current veterinary student issues and needs, such as student wellness.

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