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General Structure

The IVSA Trust consists of 6 or fewer members. Each Trustee holds equal rights and shares the same responsibilities. The task of supervising and advising the ExCo is to be equally shared between the members of the Trust. Additional tasks may be assigned to Trustees by internal decision.

Regular Tasks


Supervision is one of the most fundamental elements of the Trust. Trust members as a team should supervise the work of the ExCo. It is recommended for the Trust to have regular meetings and evaluate whether any official advice should be given to the ExCo. Being an international body, it is most likely that the Trust must be proactive and keep track of the atmosphere to help the ExCo remain in adequate condition. When the ExCo’s activities do not meet the standards of an executive board of a professional association, the Trust can execute the “call for attention” as stated in the Bylaws.

Advisory Capacity

As the purpose of the Trust is to help manage IVSA by providing ExCo with knowledge from experience, it is important that the Trust stays informed by attending meetings and continual discussions. If necessary, the Trust may decide to have a meeting in advance of regular ExCo meetings, and draft advice for each agenda point for which this is thought necessary. The Trust should then choose a Trust representative to inform the ExCo about the Trust’s opinion after discussing every point in the Trust meeting, and immediately inform the Secretary General who the Trust representative shall be. A Trust representative should attend the ExCo meetings (the attendance of other Trustees is desirable but not necessary) and all Trustees (ideally) should attend the Exco-Trust meetings to discuss how the work of the Exco is going. In the occasion that the ExCo is confronted by unusual situations, the Trust can decide to prepare an official letter of advice and present it to the ExCo.

It is important to note the ExCo may decide against the advice of the Trust and after any advice is submitted the Trust should remain neutral and respect the decision made by the ExCo. The Exco and the Trust should work together in a respectful atmosphere to improve the association.

Current Projects

History and Archives

The IVSA history is now (Congress 2014) being officially filed. There have been many versions of the origin and history of the association, resulting in a somewhat vague documentation. Starting from September 2013, the Trust has been collecting old articles from various countries and contacting former members from days gone past. All MOs should contribute to finding and sending any important documentation about the history of IVSA to the Trust.

Alumni Network

In response to numerous requests the IVSA alumni network has been built and is currently (2013-14) managed by the Trust. Starting September 2013 the Trust has been collecting contacts of former IVSA members most of whom are graduates and who are spread out in various fields of the Veterinary Medicine profession. The initial aim is to bring together old IVSA members, and in turn elevate the connection between vet students and professionals, eventually supporting IVSA educationally and financially. The first meeting will take place at the 63rd IVSA Congress in Indonesia (July, 2014). The meeting is to be organized at least once a year in conjunction with the IVSA Congress/Symposium and will include discussion of the activities and future of the alumni network.


The Trust is not obligated to any projects or specific tasks. However, in situations where an individual Trustee fails to fulfill the regular task of supervising or advising, the ExCo can present the Trust with an official message, stating the situation and a request for improvement. The Trust should in this case respond by motivating the said Trustee and managing the requested tasks from the ExCo or the GA. In the case the ExCo cause damage to the image of IVSA by inappropriate activities, the Trust should discuss this matter with the Exco or can make a “call for attention”. If these steps do not result in the situation being satisfactorily resolved, the Trust can make a report or send an explanatory letter to the GA as part of their duty of taking responsibility for supervising the ExCo. The Report or explanatory letter is to state the attempts already made by the Trust to prevent or resolve the situation.

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