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Guidance from the Bylaws

The Secretaries of the Secretariat are appointed an Officer of the ExCo to assist, but share an equal responsibility for the work of the Secretariat in general.

The Secretaries are responsible for assisting the work of their assigned ExCo Officer to the best of their ability.

Tasks of the Secretariat

The tasks of the Secretariat are often divided at Symposium and Congress so that Secretaries may be helping ExCo members who are not their “assigned” member.

In between Symposia and Congresses, any ExCo member may request help from the Secretariat, and any Secretary with the appropriate skills can help them. However, in between Symposia and Congresses, the main point of contact of each Secretary with ExCo is likely their “assigned” ExCo member

The Secretary General is responsible for directing the work of the Secretariat, but for the most part, tasks will be delegated from ExCo Officers to their assigned Secretaries.

It is also possible for the Secretariat to undertake tasks as a group - “Secretariat projects”.

The Secretary General is responsible for organizing Secretariat meetings - normally a minimum of one after the handover meeting at Congress, one (online) between Congress and Symposium and one (online) between Symposium and Congress.

Secretaries who are encountering any issues in their work for an ExCo Officer, or who have problems communicating with their ExCo Officer, should contact the Secretary General to resolve such issues.

Secretaries encountering any issues in their work for the Secretary General should contact the President, who is responsible for supervising the work of the Secretariat.

If a newly elected secretary knows at the Congress where they were elected that they will not be able attend the Congress at the end of their term, they can ask the GA to award reimbursement for a trip to the Symposium instead. The GA can choose to reimburse the trip of the secretary to the Symposium either partly, fully or not at all.


  • Keep positions as open as possible (so that people are prepared to work a little for everyone).
  • Maintain regular contact with the SG. A short briefing on the work of ExCo from the SG could be useful to update all Secretaries.
  • Stay in communication with your Officer(s), keep updated on everything that’s happening by checking emails and Podio regularly, or just ask your Officer(s) about what's going on
  • Keep in touch with your Officer(s), even when you're not free. You should inform them about your schedule and if you have any personal issues which may be preventing you from doing your assigned tasks.
  • Check your schedule monthly and update it. It will help you and your Officer(s) to put a plan into action
  • Do the tasks that are given to you by an Officer within the deadline and do your best. Don't be afraid of asking questions - not everyone is a native speaker of English, just speak up :)
  • Secretaries assigned to the MOD should assist the MOD with the database on internship opportunities etc. This may involve collaborating with the PRC and SCoVE, but don't forget that the main task of the MOD team is to help people find exchange programs easier to access.
    • Finding new MOs to join IVSA is another main task, which needs the help of each Secretary and ExCo Officer (introducing you to who contacts who might have an interest in IVSA). Respond quickly and positively to the new chapter.
    • Try to motivate all the EOs by asking them to send their reports to MOD and yourself every two months. Ask EOs to share (or maybe write a short article about) what they've done, and post it in the monthly EO newsletter.
  • If you are a Secretary assigned to the Treasurer, try to get used to financial terms. At first it will be hard for you, though you'll master them with practice.

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