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Ideally before being nominated for an ExCo position, and certainly after being elected to such a position, the Officer should familiarise themselves with the Constitution and Bylaws of IVSA, and with the relevant Manual(s) to their position.

In order to be considered suitable for nomination for a position on the ExCo or Secretariat, the member should have sufficient English language skills to communicate effectively with the other members of the IVSA governing entities. This is because English is the official language of IVSA and it is the language in which all official ExCo and Secretariat communication is in. English language skills should therefore be considered necessary for all nominees. Other language skills, while they may be useful, are optional.

All ExCo members should seek advice on problems they encounter from the Trust, as the Trust is an advisory body which has experience to support the ExCo. Personal contact with the Trust is encouraged in the case of difficulties.

This position was created at the 62nd Congress in the Netherlands by the outgoing ExCo, to combine two old roles, "Chief Exchange Officer" and "Information Officer".

MOD Duties

The MOD is responsible for:

A. Controlling, monitoring and encouraging all Individual and Group Exchanges as stated in the Exchange Officers Manual.

  • Answering mails with questions about individual and group exchanges
  • Preparing manuals and ppt presentations to help new EOs and especially new Member Organizations (MOs) organizing exchanges and international events
  • Updating contact information of the MOs
  • Updating IVSA applications forms for exchanges and new membership
  • Motivating EOs to be more active via the Facebook group, twitter and wikipage
  • Managing the opportunities of the placement database and encouraging EOs and Presidents to keep it updated

B. Arranging and presiding over an Exchange Officers meeting at IVSA Congresses and Symposia (the MOD should be present at the Congress and at the Symposium to organize this).

  • Finding new ways to make a successful EO meeting and IVSA workshop at Congress and Symposium
  • Encouraging EOs to prepare MO presentations, and encouraging exchanges of experiences between EOs and Presidents
  • Encouraging new MOs to get tips and advice from more experienced MOs
  • Organizing the Top ten EOs election at Congress, based on the annual reports from the EOs and the activity of the MO regarding communication with the ExCo and participation in the different projects of IVSA and requests from the ExCo
  • Helping new MOs to manage their organizations
  • Creating a friendly and helpful atmosphere when interacting with the EOs
  • Creating a list of responding EOs and silent EOs

C. Serving as the Officer responsible for the collection and distribution of the information concerning IVSA activities.

  • Sending the monthly EO bulletin which should be in 2 parts, 1 part being a pdf version which can be sent out to all members (only information relevant to all members should be included in this part)
    • The EO bulletin should contain: introduction, update of EO list, website, IVSA newsletter, MO activities and events approved by the ExCo
  • The MOD should be a good point of contact between the ExCo and IVSA MOs and OCs of local events, if there are any issues
  • For local events, help the OC to make a good presentation of their event in order to obtain accreditation from the ExCo

D. Being in charge of contact between the ExCo and the Organizing Committee (OC) of the Congress and Symposium and following up on their work.

  • Validating the choice of delegates made by the OC
  • Ensuring the itinerary fits with requests from the ExCo – GAs (adequate number of hours, correct gaps between GAs to fit with the requirements of the election schedule), ExCo workshops, EO meeting, formal dinner
  • Communicating with the OC about the materials that will be needed for these requests
  • Getting the OC to sign the OC contract, as soon as they are elected as the hosts of a Symposium or Congress (the SG should be responsible for the printing of the contract)

E. Ensuring that the delegates at IVSA Congresses and IVSA Symposia evaluate the event and to distribute the evaluation to the next IVSA Congress or Symposium OC.

Keeping in touch with the OCs of Congresses and Symposia

  • Send them the evaluation of the last Symposium and Congress, and a list of what the ExCo and delegates will need during the event
  • Give advice to the OC all throughout the period of preparation for the event. It is very important to keep very regular contact with the OC and to organize online meetings with them
  • Send samples of official documents for visas, help the OC with the selection of delegates and help the Secretary General to make sure that they are all IVSA members.
  • Be sure that preparations for any IVSA event are going smoothly and give them some tips to uphold the good name of IVSA
  • Make new evaluation forms of IVSA Congresses and Symposia using new technology, and analyze the results

The MOD should advise the OC on the need to meet quorum and stress the importance of the GAs during Congresses and Symposia. Presence in GAs via telecommunication may be possible. This is important to take into consideration if it is suspected before Congress or Symposium that it may be difficult to meet quorum. In this case, a special category of certified delegate should be created, who attends GAs via telecommunication, e.g. Adobe Connect, but is not present for the rest of Congress or Symposium. While any IVSA member has the right to speak in a GA, the GA consists of the delegates of all MOs present at the GA, and an IVSA member needs to be part of the GA to vote (unless voting by proxy, in which case voting is limited and can’t apply to voting in elections).

The OC should be able to provide a sufficient internet connection to enable delegates to attend online. The MOD will follow the online attendance, with the help of a Secretary, and speak on behalf of online attendees. If there are online delegates, the MOD is in charge of sending them any necessary presentations and checking that they are able to hear and understand what is going on in the GA.

The MOD should be in contact with the OC of Symposium and Congress regarding visa invitation letters. Sending out these letters, signed by the OC and/or ExCo, should increase the chance of potential delegates being granted permission to travel to the OC's country. However, the MOD and the OC should research the relevant laws and regulations in the OC's country, to ensure that IVSA does not accept any liability it does not intend to accept by sending out such letters. Similarly, the MOD and the OC should ensure that such letters are worded appropriately.

Management of documents

  • Get daily access to your email address and answer all incoming mail with the shortest delay possible. Check your mails as often as possible. The MOD is responsible for being in constant contact with the members of IVSA. In case the MOD has difficulties in answering emails or has to be absent for more than 1 week, it is important that the MOD has a member of ExCo to check the email address regularly and answer any urgent emails.
  • Due to the large volume of emails the MOD receives, you may wish to have the assistance of your Secretary/ies in sorting through and responding to them.
  • Control and monitor all individual supportive and group membership matters. Inform the Treasurer about new members, so he/she can keep track of the payment.
  • Keep the membership forms up to date. Publish them on the website (via the PRC). Work on general information about the IVSA.
  • Archive all documents (member documents, updated constitution, minutes of the meetings, proceeding books, the IVSA Journal etc.), in collaboration with the Secretary General, to ensure that they are passed onto the next ExCo.
  • Ensure that you have all presentations of the new Member Organizations ready for the GA. Inform the new MOs of the GA's decision on their membership. MOs need to be approved by the GA, whereas Individual Supportive Members need to be approved by the ExCo (at a meeting with quorum).
  • Having a successful Handover Meeting at the end of the MOD term is very important to make the job of the next MOD easier by having all the documents and information needed.
  • Have regular contact with the IVSA office in Copenhagen in order to check the incoming mail there. Contact the Member Organization in Denmark and ask if someone can act as your office contact and check the mail for you.

As an EXCO member, the MOD should

  • Prepare an IVSA Workshop and EOs meeting during Congress and Symposium
  • Represent IVSA in some international events as IFISO etc
  • Make presentations, videos, etc. to promote IVSA
  • Attend Exco Live and Skype Meetings
  • Assign tasks to Secretaries and work with them as a team to improve the work assigned to the MOD role, especially regarding long-term tasks, such as the database of all the opportunities for placements of veterinary students
  • Cooperate with all Officers, Trustees, Secretaries and the Committee Chairs to help the ExCo achieve their goals for this term
  • The MOD position is one of the most important positions in the ExCo and requires a lot of time (8-10 hours per week) to do all MOD tasks, make reports and reply to many E-mails in a timely manner.
  • Spreading IVSA around the globe and maintaining the positive image of this association is the challenge of every MOD team and it requires a lot of time, passion and good communication skills, but also responsibility!cccccxzcxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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