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The ExCo has experienced difficulties over the last few years when online attendance was allowed during a General Assembly (GA). Previously during the 63rd IVSA Congress in Indonesia 2014, the internet connection was not stable causing attendees to lose connection multiple times. This was an issue because the GA could not recess every time that an attendee lost their connection.

Issues arose during the Special General Assembly (SGA) in Raleigh, North Carolina, USA 2017 because not all Member Organizations (MOs) were notified of the possibility to attend online. The procedure, regarding the voting process and platform, was unclear and did not function properly.

As a result, the Manual on Online Attendance was created to alleviate these issues in the future.

The manual on Online Attendance was created by the Taskforce on the Manual on Online Attendance, consisting of: Denise van Eekelen (the Netherlands; Chair), Branden Nettles (United States of America), Emma van Rooijen (the Netherlands), Leonie Fingerhut (Germany), Malcolm Chong (Malaysia) and Maryem ben Salem (Tunisia).