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Our Chapter

The registered association IVSA Finland was founded on Monday November 30, 2009.

The aim of IVSA Finland is to make it possible for Finnish veterinary students to meet foreign people and visit foreign universities. We also hope to aid in advancing veterinary medicine and veterinary degrees by organizing events that bring vet students together to exchange knowledge, skills and ideas.

We arrange local events for Finnish students and exchange students of the local faculty, for example exchange information nights, surgical sewing nights and general discussions on current topics in veterinary medicine. IVSA Finland has a Facebook group in which we inform our local members about forthcoming local and international events and other news about the chapter. Information about our local events is mostly in Finnish, but we try to inform exchange students in English as well.

Group exchanges

We organize one group exchange per year, usually in the spring.

Past group exchanges: 2020 Edinburgh, Scotland 2019 Prishtina, Kosovo 2018 Budapest, Hungary 2017 Uppsala, Sweden 2016 Košice, Slovakia 2015 Nantes, France 2014 Edinburgh, Scotland 2013 Ljublin, Poland 2012 Olztyn, Poland 2011 Hannover, Germany

Individual exchanges

If you are a foreign student interested in individual exchange or gaining work experience in Finland and a member of IVSA, contact us ivsafinland@ivsamo.org and we will try our best to help you. We also arrange events for exchange students in our faculty.

Our university

You can study veterinary medicine in one place only in Finland, and that's the [University of Helsinki].

Contact us

If you are interested in knowing more about our chapter or if you would like to arrange an exchange with IVSA Finland, contact ivsafinland@ivsamo.org.