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IVSA Brno was established in 2007 and it is the only one of its kind in Czech Republic, as our university - Uviversity of veterinary and pharmaceutical sciences Brno, is unique as well.

We operate as a totally independent "students for students" organisation at school. Not every student has to be necessarily a member of IVSA, but we welcome anyone with open arms and currently, we have about 80 active members.


Even though the amount of members is not so big, I can say we are all incredibly active and full of energy people, who always try do to their best in anything they want. That is why during the year, there is lots of events which IVSA Brno holds or participates in.

"Meet and greet" weekend for 1st year students

As we understand, how hard it can be, to come to the new place with nothing and no one familiar around, we try to make something special for our freshmen. New students can apply for this weekend voluntarily, before the start of the semester, from late August to the middle of September. We newly send out little posters as an ivitation to this weekend, with letters of acceptance coming from University leadership. The main focus of this weekend is to have as much fun as we can, to get known each other and make new friendships. We also try to describe freshmen, what life is like on our university, show them the campus and also teach them some rules of behavior during exams and university life.

IVSA meeting weekend.jpg