General Information about Subjects not Covered by the Constitution or Bylaws

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Contains the IVSA Corporate Identity Manual, Legal Information about the Association and a note on Honorary Life Members.

IVSA Corporate Identity Manual

The official colour of IVSA is Royal blue. The official font of IVSA is Gill sans.

The Member Organizations may modify the logo of IVSA as long as the modified version is approved by the Exco and is different enough compared to the official logo.

Legal Information about the Association

The Registered Office of the Association is IVSA Information Office, Avenue de Tervueren 12, B-1040, Brussels, Belgium, Registration number: 0678547860

The Association was established as a foreign association under the Danish fundamental Law 78. Legal status was granted to the Association by the Danish Government according to this law. IVSA is a tax exempt association in Denmark.

In the future IVSA should aspire to be officially recognized as a Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) by the United Nations.

Honorary Life Members

Honorary Life Members do not have any outright duties, since the position may be awarded without application. If the person is still active in a field related to the objectives of IVSA, it is hoped that the Honorary Life Member shall work toward advancing the objectives of IVSA and promoting awareness of IVSA within the veterinary field.

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