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Ideally before being nominated for an ExCo position, and certainly after being elected to such a position, the Officer should familiarise themselves with the Constitution and Bylaws of IVSA, and with the relevant Manual(s) to their position.

In order to be considered suitable for nomination for a position on the ExCo or Secretariat, the member should have sufficient English language skills to communicate effectively with the other members of the IVSA governing entities. This is because English is the official language of IVSA and it is the language in which all official ExCo and Secretariat communication is in. English language skills should therefore be considered necessary for all nominees. Other language skills, while they may be useful, are optional.

All ExCo members should seek advice on problems they encounter from the Trust, as the Trust is an advisory body which has experience to support the ExCo. Personal contact with the Trust is encouraged in the case of difficulties.

This position was created at the 62nd Congress in the Netherlands by the outgoing ExCo as “Sponsorship Director”, as it was decided an Officer dedicated to sponsorship would be highly useful to IVSA. It was renamed to “External Relations Officer” for the 63rd Congress in Indonesia, which creates the possibility of expanding the role of ERO beyond sponsorships, to include representation of IVSA to certain organizations or regions.

General Goals

The External Relations Officer’s role in general is:

  • To ensure proper execution of the current contracts with sponsors and current MoUs with professional partners.
  • To ensure proper communication of IVSA activities to our professional partners and sponsors.
  • To, in general, increase the incoming funds of IVSA in all respects, including the Central Fund, Development Fund and Scholarship Fund, by seeking out new contracts with potential sponsors.
  • To strive towards lowering the outgoing costs of IVSA management by finding material sponsorships where possible.
  • To support both committees and MOs in finding small scale sponsorships and partnering with relevant organizations. This does not include primarily contacting such organizations, but advising the committees and MOs in their endeavors and keeping an eye out for interesting possibilities for them.
  • To work together with current and new partners and sponsors to help IVSA reach the goals stated in the Constitution, including, but not limited to:
    • Providing scholarships and opportunities for students to do internships abroad and visit Congresses and Symposia.
    • Ensuring the dissemination of beneficial information to IVSA members, for instance through the sharing of articles in the newsletter, promotion of webinars provided by partners and distribution of information on relevant courses, conferences and internships.
    • In general, striving to create member benefits in all contracts with professional partners and sponsors.

Current sponsorships

IVSA currently has sponsorship contracts with Hill’s Pet Nutrition, Bayer Animal Health and Merck Animal Health. As sharing details about these contracts via public communication is considered communication with third parties and this is not in accordance with the contracts, please contact your predecessor after your election for a copy of all contracts and for the private version of the ERO manual.

It is very important that besides following the contract summaries in this manual, you also acquaint yourself with the contracts themselves, as you will not understand the contracts fully if you have not done this. Please read the contracts as soon as you have received them from your predecessor and take time to sit down with him/her to go over the contracts one by one.

Potential new sponsorships

After elections, take time to sit down with your predecessor and discuss ongoing projects and which companies were successfully and unsuccessfully contacted in the year(s) before.

At the end of your term, you are required to update the private version of the ERO manual with the status of new sponsorships which are near completion, to guide your successor in future communication.

General tasks

After each Congress and Symposium, send all partners and sponsors an email letting them know where the following Congresses and Symposia will take place (and when if this is already known). After each Symposium, include who was elected as President-Elect in this email. After Congress, include who was elected as new ExCo in this email, and mention that their term will start on 1 September.

Invite all partners and sponsors to attend the IVSA Congress two months before the event. Discuss with ExCo for which parts of the event these people should be invited, reserve two places per partner/sponsor and give them a month to reply. Pass on the details of who will be attending to the OC at least three weeks before the event. Typically, partners are invited to the IVSA Congress, as this is usually our largest event of the year, is the event where we have most of our elections, etc., and is where we have most GA time to fit in partner presentations. It may be desirable to invite selected partners to Symposium too, for example to run a workshop and/or deliver a lecture.

Whenever a DF project is finished and a new one is chosen, get the DAD to write a report on this and send it to all partners and sponsors.

Whenever the newsletter is released, send the link to the digital version to all partners and sponsors.

Keep an eye on the website and check if it is up to date and that all things stipulated in the contracts are there.

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