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Animal Welfare CommitteeBylawsCommittee Coordinator
Committees and Groups ManualCongress/Symposium Organizing Committee ManualConstitution
Decisions Made by the GA ManualDevelopment Aid Director (DAD)Election Committee
External Relations Officer (ERO)General Assembly (GA) ManualGeneral Assembly (GA) Manual for the Members
General Information about Subjects not Covered by the Constitution or BylawsIVSA AustriaIVSA Belgium, Ghent
IVSA ChinaIVSA Czech Republic, BrnoIVSA Denmark
IVSA EstoniaIVSA ExCo, Secretariat and Trust ManualsIVSA Germany
IVSA Governance ManualIVSA Greece, ThessalonikiIVSA Greece, Thessaly
IVSA IndonesiaIVSA Information and History ManualIVSA Kelantan, Malaysia
IVSA Member ManualsIVSA NepalIVSA Netherlands
IVSA Online Attendance ManualIVSA PhilippinesIVSA Romania, Bucharest
IVSA Selangor, MalaysiaIVSA SlovakiaIVSA Slovenia
IVSA South AfricaIVSA South KoreaIVSA Switzerland, Bern
IVSA TunisiaIVSA Turkey, SamsunIVSA UK & Ireland
Main PageMember Organisation Director (MOD)Member Organization Director (MOD)
Member Organization Exchange Officer Manual (MO EO Manual)Organizing Committee (OC) ManualsOrganizing an IVSA event Manual
President-Elect, President, and Immediate Past PresidentPublic Relations Coordinator (PRC)Secretariat
Secretary General (SG)Standing Committee on One Health (SCOH)Standing Committee on Veterinary Education (SCoVE)
Treasurer and Post-TreasurerTrust☞ Bylaws
☞ Constitution☞ EO Wiki☞ How to propose a motion to amend the Constitution or Bylaws
☞ Manuals☞ Strategic Plans