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About us

IVSA Peru was created in 2018 under a team of veterinary students composed of the universities of Cayetano Heredia and Cientifica del Sur. As time passed IVSA Cayetano Heredia and IVSA Científica del Sur were formed in 2019.

IVSA Científica logo
File:IVSA Cayetano.png
IVSA Cayetano logo


Peru is located in south america, next to the Pacific Ocean, Ecuador, Brasil, Bolivia and Chile. Is cataloged as one of the most richest country in terms of biodiversity and gastronomy, with a huge history and festivals all over the country. Both universities of Cayetano Heredia and Científica are located in Lima, the capital of the country where almost a third of the population lives.


Lima, the capital of Peru is located on the region of the coast,a desert turned city. The weather is mainly cloudy, with high levels of humidity and sometimes with drizzle. From December to May its summer and the temperatures are up to 22 to 30°C. The touristic places in the city are the main square, the park of the water, costa verde, Miraflores´s pier or the district of Chorrillos.

Costa Verde
Main square
Park of the water

Our universities

Científica del Sur university was created in 1998 located in the district of Villa el Salvador. It is located near the swamps of Villa. It has over 23 careers being human medicine and veterinary medicine and zootechnics the most requested. Due to its proximity to the swamps of Villa, the university enjoys a quiet environment, with a wide view of migratory birds seeking shelter and food.

The career of veterinary medicine and zootechnics lasts 5 years. It offers laboratory facilities, anatomy and surgery labs and an area where animals are raised such as cows, sheeps, goats, alpacas and horses. As a way to know the development of the career in the regions of Peru: coast, highlands and jungle; the university requests the development of practices or internships in each one for at least 3 - 4 weeks.

Cientifica del Sur´s banner
Cientifica del Sur campus
Team of students in IVITA Marangani research center

Cayetano Heredia The peruvian University Cayetano Heredia was created in 1961 with only the career of Human Medicine but these days has 8 faculties with 25 careers like veterinary and zootechnics, biology, etc. The principal headquarters is located in San Martín de Porres, others are located in the districts of Miraflores, La Molina, Santa Maria and Lurin.

This career prepares the 5 years of the students in the protection and promotion of animal health. The faculty is located in San Martin de Porres with laboratorys and a Teaching Veterinary Clinic, also the campus located in Lurin promotes the practice mainly in livestock animals.

Cayetano Heredia´s logo
Cayetano Heredia campus
Cayetano Heredia´s advertising.png

Group exchanges

An exchange with IVSA France was made in the beginnings of 2018. The group made many activities such as handling alpacas, riding Peruvian Paso horses, visiting the swamps of Villa, the zoo of Huachipa and other places.

French students in Cientifica del Sur campus
French students in the zoo of Huachipa

International online exchanges via Zoom

  • IVSA Científica - IVSA Pakistán on the 10th of April of 2020.
  • IVSA Científica - IVSA México on the 8th of November of 2020.
Peru - Pakistan online exchange´s banner
Peru - Pakistan zoom exchange
Peru - Mexico online exchange´s banner
Peru - Mexico zoom exchange

Plans and projects

Increase the number of peruvian universities in the IVSA family. We would like to make a big alliance between them and make internships in every region or opportunities of making thesis in areas of interest.

Create the internal committees of Cientifica university to promote new content to share to the students or promote activities in relation to veterinary medicine.

In 2020 we promoted two events with the help of others organization. "Assistance dogs and their role and importance in society" on October 27 with the support of IFMSA and SCORP so students and professionals can appreciate the value of the assistance dogs and why it should be and important topic of discussion in our country. The other was a symposium called: "World antimicrobial awareness week" with the support of IFMSA, AOCFYB and WAAW, organizations of students from others careers like human medicine, pharmacology and biochemistry. An important term where multiples careers are involved and have to cooperate to prevent the increased number of multi drug resistant microorganisms.

Assistance dogs and their role and importance in society
World antimicrobial awareness week symposium - Peru



  • President: Josefina Callenes Lozada
  • Exchange officer Senior: Aliana María Moreno Vargas
  • Exchange Officer Junior: Alonso Caballero Gárate
  • Treasury: Milagros Mariell Junco Ugaz
  • Marketing: Lesli Gianina Galiano Franco
  • Human Resources: Andrea Moyano Rostworowski

IVSA Cientifica

  • President: Josefina Callenes Lozada
  • Exchange officer senior: José Martin Sánchez Tovar
  • Exchange officer junior: Alonso Caballero Gárate
  • Treasurer: Alexandra Carmen Alvites Barrera
  • Marketing: Renato Fabián Del Aguila Vera
  • Veterinary Education: Gabriel Andrew Aguilar de La Barrera
  • Human Resources: Fátima Valeria Verástegui Córdova

Contact us

  • Email of IVSA Científica: ivsaperu.cientifica@ivsamo.org
  • Email of IVSA Cayetano Heredia: ivsaperu.upch@ivsamo.org
  • Email of IVSA Peru: ivsaperu.upch@ivsamo.org
  • Social media